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Individuals and couples can apply for IVF grants in Illinois to help them overcome the financial difficulties of infertility treatment. As a result, they can use these funds to pay for services like third-party reproduction, adoption, and medication.

It can be challenging to have infertility treatment, especially if there is not enough financial assistance to cover the expensive medications and other procedures. Despite Illinois being one of the states that require some insurance coverage for fertility treatment in the United States, many infertile couples are not covered due to multiple exclusions. So, patients without insurance often lose the chance to become parents.

However, the best alternative for fertility treatment is to search for grants that cover the treatment cost.

IVF Grants in Illinois – Procedure Breakdown of IVF Cost

1 in 8 Americans is affected by infertility. However, it is now possible to become pregnant with the help of IVF. In short, the problem is that IVF can be expensive.

The good news is that Illinois requires infertility insurance. So, this provides better coverage for treatment and diagnosis. For one cycle of IVF, the cost without insurance in Illinois is $17,150, which does not include medications, lab work, or other factors. The cost of IVF in Illinois is:

  • Chicago – $10,000
  • Naperville – $10,000
  • Peoria – $10,000
  • Rockford – 10,000
  • Champaign – $9,000
Ivf Grants In Illinois – Procedure Breakdown Of Ivf Cost
It always cost a lot to build a family, especially for whom has to go through IVF

The cost of IVF cycles increases because of the additional treatments. For example, without a donor, the procedure costs $12000 with total expenses of $48,000 and a 25% success rate.

Moreover, the success rate rises to 75% with donor sperm. So, this procedure costs $14,000 more and requires a total of $18,600.

Also, donor eggs are $29,000 with a 75% success ratio. As a result, total spending is up to $38,000.

  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
    The ICSI procedure uses sperm directly to inject the egg with sperm. This increases the chance of conception. The insurance pays for the Illinois cost of the first two attempts. It costs approximately $750-$1200 without insurance.
  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
    Removing a cell from an embryo makes multiple tests possible. This procedure detects genetic disorders. It helps make sure that embryos with disorders wouldn’t be implanted. Insurance does not cover the PGD, which adds $1,800 per cycle to IVF costs.
  • Additional IVF costs
    Insurance does not cover many other IVF expenses. It includes pre-screening, preimplantation, etc. Only a portion of the IVF cycle fee is refunded if the eggs are not harvested before the IVF cycle.

What are the Available Options for IVF Grants in Illinois?

Illinois is a state that covers fertility treatment in a wide range of areas. However, IVF and other advanced procedures are not covered by insurance unless necessary. To first attempt less costly fertility procedures, you must have medical proof. IVF grants are available in Illinois to help people afford the treatment. 

1. Chicago Coalition for Family Building

The Chicago Coalition for Family Building provides grants for individuals and couples diagnosed with infertility. They can receive financial and educational assistance, as well as support their mental health to relieve stress.

  • Financial Assistance Grant
    Applicants who have IVF insurance and need financial assistance are eligible for a grant of up to $10,000.
  • IVF Cycle Grant
    Includes one IVF cycle in the grant at a partner clinic for people who are in need.
  • Oncofertility Grant
    Newly diagnosed patients with cancer receive a grant of up to $10,000. Use these funds to cover emergency IVF and egg freezing prior to their treatment.
  • JUF Path to Parenthood (Fertility grant)
    Couples with at least one Jewish community member partner are eligible for a grant of up to $10,000 to cover fertility treatment.
  • Kevin J. Lederer Memorial Grant
    Includes one IVF cycle in the grant for existing patients at Fertility Centers of Illinois. Visit Chicago Coalition for Family Building for more information. 

2. Angels of Hope

Angels of Hope provides $15,000 IVF grants for financially struggling married couples that need fertility assistance to have a child.

Eligible applicants must show financial hardship and live in Will or Grundy Counties, Illinois. Visit their website for more information. 

3. Vios Fertility Institute

Vios fertility centre aims to help you navigate the process and provide the best possible solution. The introduction of care programs has made fertility testing, treatment cycles, and future family planning options more affordable. Visit Vios Fertility Institute for more information. 

What Are The Available Options For Ivf Grants In Illinois

IVF Grants in Illinois can help your family

IVF may take many attempts before a successful pregnancy can be realized. It depends on many factors such as age and physical health. These multiple procedures can also lead to higher costs, which can be a hindrance in most people’s dreams.

The IVF grants in Illinois offer a way to cover IVF treatments and related costs.

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