IVF Cost Estimate and 3 IVF Grants in Tennessee

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IVF grants are available in Tennessee to help pay infertility treatment costs. You can use these grants to pay for multiple IVF cycles in order to become pregnant.

IVF treatment is expensive by itself. Besides, travel, medications, and doctor visits are additional expenses. So, it is difficult for those without insurance to pay for infertility treatment. The higher costs can make it difficult for couples and individuals to have the child they desire. There are grants available that can help pay for the treatment.

Overview of IVF Grants in Tennessee

IVF is a highly advanced fertility treatment that helps women and men overcome infertility and conceive. Its providers in Tennessee offer state-of-the-art laboratory services that are based on the latest research and best practices in infertility treatment.

In short, IVF involves using ovarian stimulation drugs to help women produce multiple eggs. The doctor removes the eggs from the woman’s ovaries in an outpatient procedure.

IVF Procedure

The eggs are fertilized in a laboratory by either injecting them using intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), or simply placing them with the sperm. As they mature, the embryos are closely monitored.

The best embryos are chosen for transfer to the woman’s body. However, the embryos that are not viable are frozen for future genetic testing and/or pregnancy attempts.

This process can be costly and time-consuming. Parents are looking for financing options to realize their dreams often look online. Insurance does not cover the cost of treatment. So, grants play an essential role in such cases. They provide financial support for treatment and also care.

The cost of IVF in Tennessee

The cost of an IVF cycle may range from $10,440 to $12,075. However, this estimate is subject to change, and this cost includes a variety of services.

The Cost Of Ivf In Tennessee

Cycle monitoring. This monitoring includes bloodwork, which will be utilized to assess the patient’s hormone levels.

Laboratory services. These services include the embryologist’s work on egg retrieval, sperm preparation, and insemination. It also consists of the services related to the embryo culture, assisted hatching, embryo transfer, embryo freezing, and the first six months of storage. Not all patients will require all these services.

Physician and embryology professional fee. This fee covers the cost of expert support from fertility specialists and embryologists at our clinic.

The surgery center and anesthesia fees. So, the cost of IVF includes using the surgery center for IVF procedures and the anesthesia that the patient may require.

IVF Grants in Tennessee – Financial Support

The high cost of IVF makes it difficult to treat infertility in the United States. Various organizations offer IVF grants to Tennessee couples in order to help them financially.

1. Starfish Infertility Foundation (SIF)

Starfish Infertility Foundation has a mission of providing affordable family building options for couples who are struggling with infertility. They also award the Braxton and Bexleigh grants to couples who have had three failed embryo transfers.

So, couples who don’t have infertility coverage are eligible for the Braxton and Bexleigh grants. The grant amount can be up to $5,000, which you can use to pay for uninsured fertility treatments at any Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART)-member clinic. The treatment costs include IVF (or any other ART) treatment, medication, and lab fees.

The Braxton grant is only available to permanent residents of the US without Infertility insurance. The Bexleigh grant, on the other hand, requires that the recipient live within 100 miles of Nashville.

You can easily apply for grants by following the online application process by providing personal information, financial situation and medical history. The website regularly posts updates about upcoming grants.  For more information, visit Starfish Infertility Foundation’s website.

2. Tennessee Reproductive Medicine

Tennessee Reproductive Medicine offers IVF treatment at a 35% discount to service workers. However, the patient or spouse must be a member of active-duty police, military, or firefighter to be eligible. You’ll need to show a proof of employment or military service to qualify.

The following treatments are available: egg retrieval, monitoring, lab processing, embryo transfer, ICSI, and embryo freezing. However, they do not cover Preliminary testing, anesthesia and medications, early pregnancy monitoring, and any additional expenses. For more information, visit Tennessee Reproductive Medicine’s page.

3. Tennessee Fertility Institute (TFI)

Tennessee Fertility Institute provides comprehensive fertility care for Tennessee residents and aims to provide affordable service. The following rates are available to assist with infertility treatment costs:

  • First Responder Discount – Tennessee Fertility Institute offers a discounted IVF cycle for first responders. This includes Police, Firefighters, and Emergency medical technicians (EMT)
  • Military Discount – TFI offers help to the brave military personnel and their families.

However, the applicants cannot have fertility insurance coverage and should not have exhausted their benefits to be eligible.

Ivf Grants In Tennessee – Financial Support


Infertility treatment can be expensive for most couples in the United States. This includes the associated appointments and medications. It isn’t easy to get treatment if you don’t have insurance, especially if you need multiple IVF cycles. IVF grants in Tennessee are financial assistance that allows patients to realize their dreams of having a happy and healthy family.

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