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4 Signs He is Serious About You: Dating Tips

Last Updated on October 23, 2022 by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

It’s never wrong to get out there again if you’re a single mother. So, in case you’re looking for more stability, here are 4 signs he is serious about you. Moreover, your new partner who you are dating should also be willing to be there for your family. 

He is Willing To Go Out With You & Your Child | Signs He is Serious About You

hang out with children signs he is serious about you
He loves your child genuinely!

In short, he greeted your child by saying hello and lingering in the doorway. It was a nice gesture that he didn’t jump in. He now hangs out with you guys at the park and goes to your Little League games. He is showing you that he can understand your mommy life and wants to be with you.

If he’s hanging out with the both of you willingly and enjoys spending time with the both of you, you’ve got a great guy. The subtle self-invitations to your mommy duties, and if they’re planning dates for the three of you, means they’re serious with you.

Booze Isn’t A Requirement To Dates Anymore

It’s true that the first few dates are lubricated by cocktails and a seemingly endless wine list. If they start hanging out with you without any liquid courage, it’s a sign they aren’t as nervous to chill out with you. They also want to go on fun dates such as hiking in broad daylight with just water and trail mix. 

He is There For The Both Of You | Signs He is Serious About You

Nothing is more irritating than carrying an overnight bag to your child’s place every night. You can assume that your child will be spending adult nights out, regardless of whether he is staying with another parent or a babysitter. 

Your new partner means business when they buy you toothbrushes and clears out drawers. You can see juice boxes and a new ball inside their car. This means they want you to feel comfortable too.

He Invite You To His Routine Activities

bbq together signs he is serious about you

Because most people expect one man to bring a woman to a wedding or other corporate event, it’s not a big deal. It means more when they invite you and your child to their Sunday dinner or their nephew’s backyard birthday barbecue. They’re inviting you into his world, and introducing you to the important people in his life. 

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