After School Programs That Single Moms Can Send Their Kids In Philadelphia

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After school programs, also known as OST or Out of School Time programs, are available to children and youth of all ages. After school programs (also known as OST or Out-of-School Time programs) are available to all ages. They include academic support, mentoring and positive youth growth.

Children and youth are vital to their development. This is why quality after school programs are essential in every community. After School programs are in high demand. Nearly 10.2 million youth and children participate in afterschool programs each year, 1 with 6 million participating in 4-H programs.

General After School Programs And Activities

Play It Safe Philly

The City of Philadelphia, along with its partners, is committed to offering safe, fun, and enriching activities for families and children throughout the year. Your child’s safety and well-being is dependent on your ability to stay active, engaged, as well as safe.

PlayItSafePHL provides information about year-round events and activities. Keep checking back for new updates:

  • Seasonal programming.
  • Programs that are not offered during school hours.
  • Food and Meals
  • Support for parents.
  • Recreation activities
  • Plus!

ASAP (After School Activities Partnership)

Their goal is to increase supervision of after-school recreation activities for its children. Call 215-545 2727 for a complete list of activities in your area. ASAP coordinates four citywide programs that engage 5,000 youth in enriching activities outside of school hours each year. These experiences provide critical academic, social and emotional skills.

After School Activities Partnership

Police Athletic League (PAL) After School Programs

PAL offers a variety of youth development programs for Philadelphia’s youth aged 6-18. All PAL after school programs can be enjoyed safely and are free. PAL programming fills the gap for children in Philadelphia during summertime and after-school hours with constructive activities and supervision.

PAL’s mission is to provide young people with a constructive and viable alternative to ‘street living’. Over 28,000 children are served by PAL in Philadelphia. They offer programs for children aged 11-17, including chess, golf and soccer, as well as a positive image program for girls.

The relationships between Philadelphia Police and children are important for the city’s future. They can be used to teach chess and table tennis, prepare for exams, or compete in athletic or academic competitions.

Boys And Girls Clubs Of Philadelphia

1518 Walnut Street, Suite 605

Call 215-735-8818.

The Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia has several newly renovated facilities. Financial stability and transparency are now standard features. An organizational infrastructure that is clearly defined and adheres to clear standards allows for new after school programs and partnerships, which help transform Philadelphia’s most economically challenged neighborhoods.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia promotes and enhances the development of boys & girls through programs and services that instill a sense of competence and usefulness. The Club offers a safe environment for learning and growth, while also having fun. It truly is The Positive Place for Kids. 

WINS (Women in Natural Sciences)

Women in Natural Sciences (WINS), a program that enriches science education for women, is offered at no cost to students. WINS gives young women the support, encouragement and confidence they need in order to make their own decisions about their lives. Students must be in the 8th grade. For more information, visit their website or call 215-299-1064.

Sporty After School Programs

Zhang Sah Martial Arts

6110 Wissahickon ave
Call (215) 844-6200

530 Bainbridge St.
Call (215) 923-6676

Zhang Sah Martial Arts

Zhang Sah is an organization that promotes character, culture, and physical development through martial arts training in its After-School and Pre-Kindergarten, Teen Lounge and Summer Camp Programs.


Call 215-221-6860

Combining the sport of squash with academic tutoring and mentoring of urban youth who are underserved to help them develop self-esteem, discipline, and academic, athletic, and personal success. SquashSmarts is open to students in grades 5-12 from any Philadelphia Public School. 

Starfinder Soccer Program

4015 Main St.
Call 215-764-5410

Starfinder’s mission, which is open to children aged 6-12, is to provide an environment where they can develop positive attitudes and a strong moral character. Starfinder offers affordable after school programs and summer camps

Ed Snider Youth Hockey

3601 S. Broad St.
Call 215-952-5271

The mission of the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation is to make a positive impact on the lives and futures of children living in poverty in the Greater Philadelphia Region. They offer after school programs that combines both on-ice as well as off-ice activities. Both boys and girls can participate in the program at no cost. The Foundation provides equipment, ice and coaching. 

After School Programs For Arts

Village of Arts and Humanities

2544 Germantown Ave.
Call (215) 225-7830

Programs For Arts

The Village of Arts and Humanities, also known as the Village, is a North Central Philadelphia community arts organization that aims to increase consciousness and inspire people of all ages with the arts.

After-school program for teens 13-19 offering video production, step and hip hop dancing, homework help, academic enhancement and tutoring.

Fleisher Art Memorial Teen Lounge

Call 215-922-3456 

The Fleisher Art Memorial Teen Lounge offers a drop-in, free after school program for students aged 13-19 that focuses on the visual arts. Fleisher’s Teen Lounge Monitor will help teens create their own creative programs by helping them choose the teaching artists they want to work with.

Teens often collaborate on projects and rely upon a strong group dynamic. This allows teens to explore media such as clay, painting and silkscreen, stop motion animation, darkroom photography, and even stop motion animation. Teen Lounge meets Monday through Thursday, 4-6PM. 

Project 440 Music Programs After School

Project 440 helps high school students use their passion for music to create new paths for themselves and incite change in their communities. They include Instruments for Success, which focuses on College Preparedness as well as Career Pathways and Doing good: emphasizing community service and social entrepreneurship.

Music Programs After School

Project 440 teaches high school students transferable skills like collaboration, resilience, and discipline. It also helps them become civic-minded, entrepreneurial leaders. They help musicians be college ready and teach them the 21st-century life skills they need. Students will benefit from our programming, which provides the knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in any career path they choose, whether as musicians or music lovers.

Students meet twice per month to receive leadership, governance, advocacy, and project management training.

Mural Arts Program Youth Development Programs

1729 Mount Vernon St.
Call 215-685-0750 

We believe that we have the responsibility of inspiring the next generation leaders and strive to make sure that they are. Art Education students can:

  • Work with internationally, nationally and locally-respected artists
  • Contribute to major public art projects
  • Create portfolios that showcase your artwork and exhibit it at exhibitions
  • Apply for scholarships, internships, or jobs in the creative industry

Art Education helps students in the city to unleash their creativity. It encourages them to take risks, share experiences and show the world how they see it. Art can be used as a platform to discover, and it can launch the kinds of shared experiences that will shape a student’s life for many years. For youth aged 9-19 years, there are many after-school programs and positive activities that involve mural making.

Rock To The Future Programs After School

For Philly’s youth, free music education includes MusiCore Germantown (Grades 6-8) and MusiCore Kensington (6-12), as well as summer camp for children 7-17.  Go to their website for info or call 215-302-9633

PhillyCAM- fFilm/Video For Youth

PhillyCAM offers youth programs that offer access to media equipment and other tools to help young people explore different forms of video/film. Youth will be able to create and share media that challenges commercial norms, while encouraging creativity and critical thinking skills. Students between the ages of 14 and 21 are welcome to visit their website to learn more.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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