Tips To Cope With Loneliness When Being Alone On Thanksgiving For Single Moms

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Thanksgiving is a holiday that many people enjoy with their family and friends. Hence, it can be difficult to be alone on Thanksgiving, especially for single moms. They have been through tough times and spending time alone in this holiday can further deteriorate their mental health.

If you have social anxiety disorder (SAD), you may find yourself isolated at this time of the year. You might have turned down invitations for gatherings due to your anxiety or moved away from family members. There are ways to feel less lonely, regardless of the reason.

3 General Tips To Cope With Being Alone On Thanksgiving

There are three main ways you can cope with loneliness in the year ahead.

  • Accept the fact that you are all alone and make the most out of your time.
  • FaceTime and Zoom with others so you don’t feel lonely.
  • Make plans for next year’s Thanksgiving by spending the holiday planning

How To Accept Being Alone On Thanksgiving

Being alone does not necessarily mean feeling isolated. You can still have Thanksgiving with friends and family, but there are plenty of things you can do to make it more social. Here are examples of what you can do to help with the acceptance:

Travel If You are Alone On Thanksgiving

Travel If You are Alone on Thanksgiving

You don’t have to be alone for Thanksgiving if you travel. Consider visiting one of the cities that host a Thanksgiving Day Parade such as: New York City’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. You can escape the loneliness of Thanksgiving by choosing a country that doesn’t celebrate it or where it is held on a different date like Canada. Join a single traveler tour if you don’t wish to travel alone.

Write Letters

Spend the day writing letters and emails to your family and friends. Get to know people you don’t normally communicate with, and make plans for possible reconnecting next Thanksgiving. Even better, write a letter to yourself! You can open it next year to find out what you thought and felt, and then see what changes have been made.

Appreciate Sports

Appreciate Sports

Thanksgiving is the perfect day to get into sports. You can spend the day watching football, learning about the sport and picking a team. It can be useful to have a basic knowledge of the sport when you are making small talk. You might host a Thanksgiving football party next year instead of just being alone.

Be Productive

Get your house organized and make it a productive day. Get organized by cleaning out your closets and organizing all of your paperwork. Make to-do lists and take control of every little detail in your life. Your life will be easier to manage, which will leave you feeling accomplished and able to concentrate on your relationships with other people.

Get Outdoors

You can go outside to enjoy a hike or nature walk on Thanksgiving Day, depending on where you live. It is possible to meet other nature lovers, even if you are not alone on Thanksgiving. You might consider adopting a dog next year if you are not comfortable walking on your own and you love animals.

Outside can provide fresh air and sunshine as well as a boost in your mood during difficult times. You can find parks and hiking trails in your neighborhood, or just take a walk around the neighborhood.

People Watch

You don’t have to be with others, but you can still get out and meet people. Many businesses will close on Thanksgiving Day. However, there are still many coffee shops and restaurants that are open. You can choose a place where you can watch the people go by and sit down. Sitting alone can make you feel uncomfortable. Bring a newspaper or a laptop with you to read and surf the Internet.

Finding Companions When You Are Alone On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a solemn occasion, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to reach out to others. This is best done by putting others’ needs first. Is there anyone else who might feel lonely at this time of the year? Is there anyone else who wishes they could have a friend? If you can answer these questions, you’ll find a way for you to end your loneliness.


It’s a great way to feel better and less lonely during Thanksgiving by volunteering to help others in need. There are many ways to give your time and help if you don’t wish to volunteer in a soup kitchen, or at a food drive.

Maybe your local shelter needs assistance taking dogs for walks, or senior residents would welcome visitors to care for elderly guests who may be alone on Thanksgiving. Volunteering is a great way to give thanks for what you have, and to see that there are worse things.

Get In Touch With Others Who Are Alone

Get in Touch With Others Who Are Alone
Be together means a lot to lonely single mom!

You don’t have to spend Thanksgiving with your family. Ask your coworkers and acquaintances if they’d like to share Thanksgiving with you. To start a holiday tradition, plan a Thanksgiving party to build new friendships. You can have fun with card games and stimulate conversation.

Plan For The Future During The Time You Are Alone On Thanksgiving

Maybe you declined invitations to dinner because of anxiety. You can make a commitment to yourself that next year you will be better. One year is enough time to manage your anxiety and reconnect with the people in your life.

If all else fails, and you feel lonely on Thanksgiving Day, just keep trying to get through it. It is just one day in the year, and it will end soon. You can make a promise to yourself that you will seek help for anxiety in order to not interfere with your plans for next Thanksgiving.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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