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Dental Grants in Colorado – Overview

Colorado grants for dental care are made to help rural residents and those in underprivileged areas. The Colorado Dental Association (CDA) also runs many charitable programs that help Coloradans improve smiles and oral health in collaboration with the federal, state, and local governments.

Moreover, CDA already runs several dental programs annually and looks for volunteer dentists to help them.

Quality Dental Services for Coloradans

Colorado Dental Association (CDA) is supporting Coloradans through its two annual programs, Colorado Mission of Mercy(COMOM) and Give Kids A Smile Day (GKAS). The CDA has collected and donated millions of dollars to people who need dental care but don’t have the income to pay it.

Volunteer dentists and non-profit organisations are helping underserved people get better dental care and improve their quality of life. Hence, anyone can donate to the Charitable and Educational Fund. Besides, donations are always welcome. Colorado dentists offer free treatment for eligible patients. Many private dentists, laboratories, and dental clinics have joined forces to help families, children, and individuals from across the region.

Quality Dental Services For Coloradans

Who Is Eligible For Dental Grants in Colorado?

The Colorado residents who qualify for free or low-cost treatment are not all eligible. Donations and funds are collected in order to assist those who are disabled, elderly, or don’t have the financial resources to pay for treatment.

The Donated Dental Services Colorado, Colorado Dental Association and American Dental Association have established a criterion to support eligible patients. So, only those who meet the requirements can apply for grants and receive green clearance for treatment. These factors will determine whether you are eligible for grants:

  • You are medically impaired
  • Experiencing permanent disability 
  • Not enough financial resources to pay for treatment
  • Age 65 and older

These factors will help you get approval for grants sooner than you might think.

Colorado Mission of Mercy (COMOM), a 2-day clinic, is open every year to offer complimentary dental care to individuals and their families. This program provides dental care for free but also teaches families how to take better care of their teeth.

Free dental care is available for those who:

  • You don’t have enough money to pay for the treatment
  • Do not have a dental home
  • Don’t have dental insurance

NOTE: To receive professional oral health care services, all eligible candidates must fill out the application form.

Give Kids A Smile Day 

This program offers the best dental care for children from low-income households. So, it is one of the most extensive programs in Colorado that helps many children who are not well served.

Notice: Every year, Give Kids A Smile Day is held on the first Friday in February. Register your family to receive free dental care for your kids.

How to Apply For a Dental Grant in Colorado?

The eligible applicants can apply for dental grants in Colorado by filling out the application form. Moreover, the DDS has shared the steps on the website. You can also use the same process to fill out the form correctly.

The application process for veterans is available on the website. You can follow the steps and fill out the form. So, fill out the veterans’ application form.

Dental Grants

Dental grants are donations collected from various resources. Then they distribute these grants among the active dentists and laboratories to help the Coloradans get rid of oral ailments and improve their smiles. Many private and government associations, dentists, dental clinics, and labs work to support children, individuals, and families who cannot afford dental care.

Cosmetic Dental Grants in Colorado

Eligible applicants applying for Colorado dental grants have a chance to get cosmetic dentistry grants. Many dentists provide an initial evaluation for no charge. However, you may pay for x-rays or other laboratory tests.

Cosmetic dental procedures include: Cleaning, Dentures, Enamel Shaping, Crowns, Bridges, Whitening, and more.

Dental Implant Grants in Colorado

The local dentist can help patients who need dental implant grants to improve their smiles and teeth. Many associations and programs also approve dental implant grants for cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Implant Grants In Colorado

Free Dental Implants Clinical Trials

Clinical trials of dental implants have dramatically improved the quality and life expectancy for patients. These dental programs support clinical trials research and have also provided valuable information for dental doctors in their daily work.

Dental schools, programs or non-profits often conduct clinical trials for dental implants. In short, these trials help discover new methods and treatments. These trials offer dental implants at a reduced price or free of charge. Each program has specific eligibility criteria.

Dental implants can be expensive. However, dental implant clinical trials in Colorado can be beneficial for patients looking to get treatment. While conducting trials on patients, researchers also provide medical care and more frequent check-ups to ensure that the patient is receiving treatment. A protocol guides every clinical trial.

Moreover, you can find and apply for clinical trials at your local dental school or search on the clinical trials page

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