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Both married and unmarried couples can have children in their relationship. Children will only be under care of one parent if a couple splits, or divorce. This can be difficult financially as it is not possible to raise children on one income. Child support laws ensures children from such relationships live a decent lifestyle. Here is tool and what you need to know about Arizona Child Support Calculator.

What is Child Support?

This is a monthly payment from a non-custodial to custodial parents for the well-being and care of their child. If the child is living in foster care, or with a guardian, both parents can make payments. Child support agreements allocate responsibility to parents for expenses such as daycare and medical care. However, not every states has child support law.

What Is Child Support

The Process For Child Support After Divorce

To establish child support cases, it’s important to locate the non-custodial parent. You can do this by using legal records like name and social security number. Child support payment recipients will receive a legal notice to inform them that the parent has been located. It may be necessary to test the DNA for paternity. 

The proceedings can begin once the DNA test is completed. To apply for child support, you may need to provide the birth certificate of your child. Parents applying for child support can fill the form of Department of Economic Security here and mail this form to

How Do You Receive Child Support and Calculator Tool for Arizona citizens

Arizona Electronic Payment Card (EPC) allows parents to receive child support. Parents can access funds from the card account with the EPC debit card. The card can be used for withdrawals at ATMs all over the world. The non-custodial parent is the one who funds the card. The card will not be loaded if there is a default on payment.

Parents may also choose to receive child support payments by direct deposit to their bank accounts. You can withdraw this money as normal funds that are paid into your account.

The custodial parent may request a legal modification to the child support agreement in order to reflect a change of income. To apply for modification, fill in the form and submit to the Division of Child Support Services office. It depends on the level of compliance by parents in providing needed information. This review may take up to 6 months.

If the parents receiving child support wish to stop paying, they can close the case. The non-custodial parent cannot ask for the closure of their child support case if they are receiving public financial aid. If the non-custodial parent is in prison without any hope of getting out closes child support cases.

Child Support Calculator and Maximum Amount That Your Family Can Receive in Arizona


Different factors affect the amount of child support money that is payable. The state takes into account the combined gross incomes of both parents, the number and ages of children, as well as the parent who is responsible for paying for dental and medical insurance. Even after all of these factors, the state cannot pay more than 50% child support. 

The state will not request additional payments for cases with more children than 6. If the parents share custody, the parent with the highest income has the requirement to pay the difference between the child support obligations and the child support entitlement. If the father makes more than $500 and should have been paid $300 as the non-custodial or custodial parent, then he will have to pay $200 in shared custody.

Visit the AZcourts website for the Arizona child support calculator. For further details, visit the AZ family page.

Moreover, if you want to find the calculator that estimate your monthly child support payment based on Arizona’s child support guidelines, you can visit All Law website.

Enforcement of Child Support

The state holds non-custodial parents who owe child maintenance accountable. Arizona Child Support Evader lists parents who are in default on child support payments. The person should not be receiving welfare assistance, owe $5000 more or have arrears for more than 12 months. The public has access to their photos and details so they can be reported for prosecution.

Non-custodial parents must also make child support payments to the state before they can settle any other debts. Non-custodial parents may also have child support payments deducted from their unemployment benefits. These deductions can be as high as 50%.

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