How To Be An Organized Mom?

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The best answer to your dreams of becoming an organized mom is journaling. This way, you will be able to keep track of the things that you have to do and be able to budget neatly. However, there are also many other ways to be an organized mom and this article will give you some ideas.

Tips To Be An Organized Mom

Plan Your Week

Starting a bullet journal will teach you how to manage the chaos in your daily life. Doing so will make keeping track of everything possible. Bullet journals are different from traditional planners in that you can write about everything and anything.

bullet journal

It could be about your gratitude, cleaning chores or goals. This means that you can put on paper anything that is occupying your mind, so that it doesn’t matter. This system is very flexible and that’s why I don’t buy any other planners. It helps you to clear your mind and reduce the overwhelm and stress that motherhood can cause.

A bullet journal can be used to write all of these lists. It also serves as a planner that helps you plan your weekly, monthly, and daily tasks. Each month, you can make a list of your monthly goals at the beginning. Then you can make a list of all the tasks that I want to complete in a given week. Each task is then scheduled.

Work On Your Mindset

To develop lasting habits, you must first create identity-level change. You will become a mess if you continue to say things like “I am so chaotic” or “I’m so disorganized”. That’s what you are. Change happens when you begin to see yourself as the person that you want to be.

This is how old habits can be replaced by new, more powerful ones. Positive affirmations can help you rewire your brain and affirm new beliefs about the person you want to be. Although it can be difficult to believe in these new thoughts at times, your brain will begin to integrate them verbally and in writing. It becomes easier to act based on these new beliefs.

Manage Your Energy

It is important to have a system in place for all your tasks. This will ensure that you are able to plan your day according to these systems. There are many factors that can cause tiredness.

First, determine if there are any medical reasons you feel lethargic and dull. It could be mental or physical. Second, make sure you are managing your energy properly. Everyone has a time in their day when they feel most energetic and fresh.

A good night’s rest is essential. It is vital to exercise. It is vital to eat nutritious food. Take good care of yourself. Make 8 hours of sleep a daily priority. This will make a huge difference in your productivity.

A Mom Should Create Routines To Be More Organized

Routines To Be More Organized
Have a daily habit!

Creating routines can be a great way to organize your family’s life after you have planned. After you’ve planned your week, you should think about creating routines for the repeating tasks. To make journaling and meditation a daily habit, make it a part of your morning routine. This will allow you to do them consistently on autopilot.

The habit stacking method states that it is easier to create habits when you attach the new habit or habit to an already established one. It is easier to keep on top of your daily tasks if you declutter after breakfast or dinner.

It is helpful to get everything prepared for the next morning from the night before. It’s as simple as getting clothes and backpacks ready for the morning, and having snacks ready. You should also have an idea of how your day will go.

Set Priorities For Each Day

You have so many things that you want to accomplish in a week. When you have a list of tasks to do for the week, prioritize them. Schedule the top priority tasks each day. These tasks could be three to four “needle-moving” ones and should be completed no matter what.

It’s best to complete high-priority tasks in the most productive and energy-efficient hours of your day. The rest of the tasks are lower priority. These are the tasks that can be put off until the next day, even if it is impossible to do. They are part of the weekly plan so you’ll remember to do them. You can take it off your head.

Teach Kids To Be Organized

Teaching your children to organize is vital if you want to lead a more organized life. It takes time and effort to clean up after them. You want to help them learn how to manage their time.

Children should learn to clean their beds, wash their towels, put their school materials on the table and place all of their belongings. It is the next habit for organized moms.

An Organized Mom Has Her Designate Spaces/Zones

You should designate a space for every item in your home. If you need organizational supplies, use them. You can also create study and work zones. 

You can also keep items that are needed for study or work. In that area. This helps children to not drag their books or other supplies around the house. Let your family members know where the designated spots are.

Make a Meal Plan and Do Meal Preps

A must-have habit for organized moms is meal planning. Moms often feel overwhelmed and indecisive every day. A day can be set aside in your week for meal planning. Then, plan a day for grocery shopping and meal prep. You can save time by meal planning.

Regularly Clean And Declutter

Organized moms don’t allow their stuff to accumulate and cause headaches later. It is easier to prevent clutter from building up in corners or rooms if you spend ten to twenty minutes cleaning it. It also helps to have specific places for everything in your daily cleaning process.

Do Everything By Batches

You can do everything in batches to ensure that you have the task at hand. Preparing meals and meal plans is one example. Another example is to do your grocery shopping and other errands at the same place in one day.

These small changes in your habits can help you save time and energy, especially when you have so many tasks to do.

An Organized Mom Always Has A Family Calendar

Why should moms be expected to manage all the family’s schedules? All family members should be on board. Let them handle their schedules. Make a monthly calendar using dry erase boards and place it where everyone can see. Everyone can add their tasks and events to the calendar. If necessary, you can color code.

An Organized Mom Always Has A Family Calendar

You can also use colored sticky notes to assign each member a different color. You can have them write their tasks on that colored sticky note.

Everyone should have the responsibility to create their soccer practice sessions and piano lessons. You can find it on your calendar. You can also use online tools such as Google calendar if you have older children.

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