The BEST Babygirl Songs For Daughters

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Beside reading books, singing babygirl songs for daughters can be a great way to express your feeling to your little girl. We’ve collected the best daughter songs for you!

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Daughters | Best Babygirl Songs

Song by: John Mayer

Released date: 2003

Music Album: Heavier Things

Focuses on the interconnection of one’s childhood with one’s future relationships. It mainly advises parents to nurture and love their daughters more.

I’ll Be | Best Babygirl Songs

Song by: Reba McEntire

Released date: 1999

Music Album: So Good Together

A song not entirely focusing on having a daughter, but can come across as a song for your daughter. It focuses on reassuring a person that you’ll be there for them.

Isn’t She Lovely

Song by: Stevie Wonder

Released date: 1976

Music Album: Songs in the Key of Life

This song is Stevie Wonder’s expression of joy at the birth of his first child, Aisha.

My Girl | Best Babygirl Songs

Song by: The Temptations

Released date: 1965 

Music Album: The Temptations Sing Smokey

Although it is not a song about girls, it is a great song that you can sing to your little girl.

My Little Girl | Best Babygirl Songs

Song by: Jack Johnson

Released date: 2010

Music Album: To the Sea

Johnson’s sweet and simple style is transformed into a song for his daughter. “You stole my heart from the moment you were born,” will resonate with parents.

When You Need Me

Song by: Bruce Springsteen. 

Released date: 1998

Music Album: Tracks

This Jersey Girl would be remiss without adding a Bruce song, and this sweet father-daughter song is perfect.

Where You Lead, I Will Follow

Song by: Carole King.

Released date: 1971

Music Album: Love Makes the World

Made famous by the show, “Gilmore Girls,” is something any mom would gladly sing to her daughter to express how much they can sacrifice for them.

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