Can You Adopt As A Single Parent?

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One common misconception about adoption is that you have to be married in order to adopt. However, if a person wants to have a child, they can adopt with only one or both parents. So, here’s the answer for your question whether you adopt a baby as a single parent?

Single parent adoptions accounted for 28.2% in 2013 adoptions. Adoption allows you to love a child and provide a loving and supportive home. Adoption is a wonderful thing. Although single people can adopt, they should be aware of the obstacles and considerations that come with adopting.

Things You Should Consider When Adopt Baby As A Single Parent

Before adopting a baby, there are factors you should consider!

You should be aware that there are factors that you should consider before adoption. These factors should be examined first. Then, contact an adoption counselor to discuss your situation and determine the best course of action.

  1. Home Study – Your living arrangements will be different if you’re single than if you’re married. Your home should be safe, clean, and organized for your child. At least two bedrooms are required: one for yourself and one for your child.
  2. Financial Stability – It can be difficult to prove that you are able to afford children if you don’t have a lot of money. It’s a smart idea to discuss your future plans with an adoption agency. Include numbers that show how much you can spend beyond the average bill. Make sure you know all the fees involved in adoption and have some cash available for unexpected expenses. It is not unusual to find out that one person’s job doesn’t or could not support a parent or their child. Asking your employer to raise your salary, promote you, or to find a job is a smart idea.
  3. Life Changes – You should also consider the social effects that adopting a child could have on your life. Single parents often don’t consider how having a child will affect their relationships with family and friends. It’s important to inform your closest friends and family that you are considering adoption. This will help you to build a support network for the adoption process as well as when raising your child. It is highly recommended that you have strong support.

Support System For Single People Wanting To Adopt

It takes a lot of support from friends and family to adopt and raise a child. Small issues, such as late pick-up at school, can lead to stressful living situations. Many of these issues can be resolved by a strong support network. A married couple has many advantages over a single parent. They have two parents who are available to the child at all hours. One parent may not be able to do something, but the other will. Single parents should build strong relationships with close friends and family and ask them if it would be okay to assume additional responsibilities in case you are unable. Before you decide to adopt, here are some questions to consider:

  • Who will help you if you are sick and need to care for your child?
  • Who would you call in an emergency?
  • If you were unable to make it, who would pick up your child?
  • Are your friends and family child-friendly? Do you have any concerns about interracial or international adoption?

The Traditional View of Parenting

Although single parent adoption is becoming more popular, the traditional view of parenting that a child requires both a mother or a father for their development and growth remains. It may be difficult for some to understand why you would choose to take on the responsibility of raising your child by yourself. You may not be able to convince them that your knowledge is sufficient. A single parent has shared their experience with this situation and can offer some guidance: “Be strong!” People around you can’t bring you down. They might be negative. You can choose to be negative. You’ll be amazed at how involved your friends will become when the child arrives.

Are There Adoption Agencies for Single Parent Who Wants to Adopt A Baby?

The United States does not have any laws that prohibit single parents from adopting. However, some adoption professionals have marriage requirements for hopeful adoptive parents. Adoption agencies for single parents do not have to meet marriage requirements. They work with single parents and can help them adopt children.

What Types Of Adoption Can Single Parent Adoption Agencies Complete?

Single parent adoption agencies may specialize in other types of adoption. These include:

Private Domestic Adoption 

When an infant is adopted from the United States. Single adoptive parents may worry about not being matched with their birth mother. However, some birth parents are open to considering a couple as a way to raise their child. However, some are open to the idea of adopting single parents or are looking for single dads. Private domestic adoption is possible even if you are single.

International Adoption

Single adoption is legal in certain countries. However, international adoption is only permitted for couples. Visit the Intercountry Adoption page of the Department of State for more information.

Adoption through Foster Care

Nearly one third of children adopted in foster care in 2011 were adopted in single-parent adoptions, according to the Child Welfare Information Gateway. Many children in foster care have special needs and can benefit from the close bond they form with their parents.

What Services Do Single Parent Adoption Agencies Offer?

Adoption agencies that work solely with single parents should provide the same services to couples as those that only work with them. It will depend on what type of adoption you are interested in, but it could include:

  • Matching services – Your agency should match you with a potential birth mother, as long as you’re not pursuing an identified adoption.
  • Legal services – An experienced attorney should be able to refer you to an experienced adoption professional who has assisted single parents in navigating the legalities of adoption.
  • Counseling and education – Any agency that you choose should work with birth mothers as well as educate you. It can be a difficult, confusing time in their lives. They need to feel confident and comfortable in making this decision.
  • Financial protection – Make certain that the agency you choose offers financial protection in case of an adoption interruption. Ask any agency what they will do with your money if a woman you are matched with becomes pregnant.

You will need the same services for a single adoptive parent as a couple looking to adopt. You should ensure that the agency you choose is available to assist you with any additional challenges that might arise as a single adoptive parent.

What Are The Costs Of Single Parent Adoption?

Adopting as a married couple costs about the same as adopting as a single person. Keep in mind that not everyone has two incomes and can combine them to make an adoption work. You will be the sole parent responsible for all costs associated with adoption. The average cost of raising a child from birth to 18 was $245,000 and this number is only going up. Before you make the decision to adopt, it’s worth considering your income source and future career paths.

Examples Of Single Parent Adoption Agencies

If You’re Ready to Adopt On Your Own, What’s Stopping You?

Adoption is beautiful, it is a wonderful way to connect parents and children. Adoption can take a while (even more for single parents), and adoption agencies evaluate all potential adoptive parents to ensure that the children have the best possible home. It is up to the birthparents to decide where their child will go. Some birth parents prefer married parents, while others prefer single parents.

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