Can You Fall In Love With Someone You’ve Never Met In Real Life?

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Many people believe in love over wifi, especially after the introduction of coronavirus restrictions that have made it possible to date via video and phone calls. But really, do you believe you can fall in love with someone you have never met?

So, Bumble’s new study has shown that 67% of Brits believe it is possible to fall in LOVE with someone they haven’t met in person.

This is encouraging, as many singles have already met an online potential match. Although they may be eager to get physical with their crushes, or even seeing them from two feet away, the study suggests that we might have been able to find romance and connection in spite of Covid-19.

Can You Love Someone You Never Met Over A Dating App?

Love Someone You Never Met Over A Dating App

It can be tempting to fall for someone you like on a dating site if you are really in love with them. However, dating apps can create a paradox. This gives people the illusion of having many options while making it difficult to find viable options. She adds that many people attach to someone even though they have never met them. It is about their desire to love. And do you know that there even dating sites for pregnant women so they can find their love one?

Even if you have been messaging for some time on dating apps, it is possible that a person on dating apps presents an idealized version of themselves to make them seem more attractive. It’s difficult to tell if you have a real connection until you actually meet someone in person. If you wait too long to meet you will have an impression of the person you are thinking about. This impression can never be true when you actually connect face-to face.

How About Over Text Or Phone Call

Talking on the phone and texting can feel more intimate than chatting over a dating app. It’s best to keep your texting light and playful if you hope to meet this person in real life. Why? Communicating solely via your phone can create a false sense of intimacy, which may lead to excessive sharing. When you get to know someone through text, you invariably end up sharing things you would never share face-to-face. Phone calls can reveal a lot about your interactions with each other, even though you can respond instantly to messages.

Texting and phone calls can lead to oversharing, but it is not the same as emotional intimacy in person. This can lead to people settling for less than what they deserve. The idea of a healthy relationship can make it appear that you are. It is what we choose to not see. Although we may not realize it, our subconscious compensates for what is missing.

Lastly, Love Someone You Never Met Over Video Chat

Love Someone You Never Met Over Video Chat

FaceTime, Skype and Zoom are all great ways to meet up face-to-face with someone. Although video-chatting can be a great way of getting to know someone, it cannot replace real human interaction. Video-chatting can provide more intimacy than emailing, texting or writing. However, it does not replace the human connection. Unable to touch, smell or touch another person limits your senses.

Touch and smell play an important role in falling in love. It is possible to fall in love with someone you have never met physically, but it’s unlikely you will know until you spend time together without screens. We can love their words, how they say them, their actions, and how they act, but touch and smell are the strongest markers of connection, intimacy and bonding.

There are still ways to build a genuine connection with someone you don’t know. Additionally, there is also the possibility of it growing into something more. Virtual relationships are an idealized form of love because you don’t have to meet in person. You also can conveniently avoid the daily nuances and difficulties that come with living a shared life.

Signs You’re In Love

  • They make you feel secure (in terms of attachment style).
  • Trust is building and there is no angst
  • You are thinking of introducing them into your family
  • You prefer cuddling with your partner than sex.
  • They won’t text you back for more than a few seconds.
  • Everything reminds you of them
  • Future plans are now a part of your daily conversations
  • They are your security in their affection
  • You accept and see the positive and negative aspects of them
  • You feel deeply connected

Are you able to tick all of these boxes? Congratulations, you may have found a partner in a pandemic. Don’t worry if you don’t. The world is expanding and your oyster remains.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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