Fun weekend activity ideas with the kids

Affordable and Fun Weekend Ideas – With The Kids

Last Updated on November 9, 2022 by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

There are so many fun weekend activities available to do with the kids, but some can be super expensive!

But we know that weekend fun doesn’t have to mean extra spending. Especially if you are a single mother, every penny saved is of utmost importance. However, you also need to make sure that weekends make up for quality bonding with your children.

Can you achieve all of these goals in one go? Yes, with a few cheap materials that you can buy from the local craft store, you can also accomplish your mother-child fun with no sweat.

65 Fun Weekend Activities With The Kids

So how do you exactly make the weekends fun? Try these, because there are loads of great activities to share with your children. Moreover, check out our list of 65 of the most affordable and enjoyable things you can do this weekend:

  1. Pick a few storybooks and read them to each other alternately.
  2. Get some sheets and build a kiddie tent.
  3. Make your favorite fruit or veggie smoothie together.
  4. Polish each other’s nails.
  5. Reminisce the old times by looking at photo albums together.
  6. Have a spa-like treat by using homemade facial masks.
  7. Turn the TV on and watch your child’s favorite cartoon or movie.
  8. Grab the controller and play fun video games with your child.
  9. Build a large puzzle together.
  10. Play your favorite board games or try a new one.
  11. Have your child join you on an exercise routine.
  12. Clean the rooms of the house together.
  13. Change the furniture arrangement with your kid helping out.
  14. Sort out their toys and toss the ones they don’t use anymore.
  15. Help them out on building Lego pieces.
  16. Give your kid’s dolls a makeover.
  17. Visit a kid-friendly park near you.
  18. Ride a bike together.
  19. Role-play into your child’s favorite fictional character.
  20. Set up a tent outside and count stars.
  21. Play a kiddie café, restaurant, or ice cream shop together.
  22. Make breakfast with the help of your child.
  23. Bake cakes or cupcakes and eat them together.
  24. Braid your child’s hair or try out a new hairstyle.
  25. Give your kid a chance to makeover your hair.
  26. Tell your child a personal experience that teaches a moral lesson.
  27. Go to the local library and read books together.
  28. Take the child to a local museum.
  29. Plant flowers or other types of plants together in the garden.
  30. Go to a nearby greenhouse and introduce your child to several plant species.
  31. Visit the woods with your child, if there’s any.
  32. Using chalk, draw on the driveway with your kid.
  33. Get wet with your child using a hose or a garden sprinkler.
  34. Have your child accompany you while walking the dog or taking them for grooming.
  35. Teach your kid the value of helping by taking them to volunteer work.
  36. Grab some educational images and study them with your kid.
  37. Have a mini tea party at home.
  38. Push your child while they go on a swing.
  39. Put up a water balloon battle.
  40. Play “I Spy” or other mind-enhancing games.
  41. Instead of taking the car to a local carwash, wash it at home with the help of your kiddo.
  42. Listen to songs your child likes together.
  43. Cook letter-shaped pancakes together.
  44. Make desserts of your child’s choice.
  45. Make cars out of matchboxes and race each other.
  46. Train your dog with your kid.
  47. Make a scrapbook of memories together.
  48. Teach your kid the basics of using a computer.
  49. Write a fun story with your little one.
  50. Picnic on the floor or in the backyard.
  51. Watch fireflies at night.
  52. Show off your dance moves to each other.
  53. Tell them the top three things you like about them.
  54. Hike up a tree together.
  55. Make a treehouse.
  56. Play your favorite sport together.
  57. Recycle clutter into usable items at home.
  58. Record a voicemail for each other.
  59. Make a slideshow of your and your child’s pictures.
  60. Craft some creative bookmarks.
  61. Watch birds and identify different species with your child.
  62. Have your kid teach you something she enjoys.
  63. Bathe together and write messages for each other using mirrors and soap.
  64. Fix a broken toy with your child.
  65. Teach your little one to skate or ice skate.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you may already have realized by now, there are tons of activities that can be great for you and your kids. They kill time and boredom and also strengthen the bond between you and your child during weekends. But remember that the most important thing is to have some fun.

Not only that – some of the activities above may also uplift your child’s self-esteem, intelligence quotient, social skills, as well as emotional quotient. Therefore, make sure to take advantage of the free time you have this weekend. Also, turn off your phone, tablet, or laptop, and make the most of the moment while your kids are still young.

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