Child Support at Idaho

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Sometimes, children born to unmarried parents can cause families with children to split. It is crucial to provide some protection for children living in such situations to prevent them from suffering terrible living conditions. To balance the costs and burdens associated with raising a child, child support at Idaho laws are in place.

Child support payments are financial obligations the noncustodial parent must pay to the custodial to help cover a portion of the child’s costs. This article will provide information on child support in Idaho.

The Process After Divorce

Custodial parents in Idaho who wish to get child support from their non-custodial partners must first download and fill the application form available. The completed form must be mailed along with a $25 fee to the Idaho Child Support Receipting Services.

Idaho The Child Support Services will locate the other parent using the information provided by the person who is filing for support and serve them with a notice. If the legal custodian of the child is not the third-party caretaker or relative, they may apply for child support services.

Idaho Child Support Services can help with disputed parentage through genetic testing.

Present a case to the court where the judge reviews various information including the income of the parents and children. The judge will establish a child support order based on the provided information. This order would provide reasonable care for the child. A court can also make an order for medical support, particularly if the child is suffering from special medical conditions.

Idaho Child Support Services Can Help With Disputed Parentage Through Genetic Testing

For obtaining an order in Idaho, it is important to know that they charge legal and service fees. These fees may not be due immediately after the establishment of order. However, there can be deductions from future child support collections to make it easier to pay. Visit the Wealth and Healthcare page for information on these fees.

How To Receive Child Support

Parents who are custodial parents can opt to have their child support payments directly deposited to their bank accounts. The parent would be sending payments to the checking or savings account of the custodial parent following this arrangement. For this to work, the parent must first register their bank account by filling the Direct Deposit Form.

You can also receive the funds onto a Family Support Card. It works exactly like a debit card, and you can use it to make direct purchases as well as withdrawals. Family Support Card users will be subject to some fees.

Child Support Services in Idaho will disburse the payments within two business days. Parents with email address is linked to their child-support account will receive an email notification when they have been credited. For further detail on payment, visit the Health and Welfare page.

The Maximum Amount That Your Family Can Receive

There are many factors that determine the exact amount of child support one. The court gathers information about the number of children, income and age of each parent. It also considers other child support obligations, such as the noncustodial parent’s child support obligations, medical coverage provided by parents, special needs of the child, and any other factors. These guidelines indicate that there is no maximum amount the court can order for payment. The minimum amount is $50 per child per month. Access the actual child support guidelines document for more info. 

Enforcement of Child Support

Parents may sometimes refuse to pay child support obligations or default on payments. Idaho Child Support Services may take action against parents who are in default. These actions are designed to force parents to pay up the debt. In most child support cases, income withholding is an order once the identification of employer of the parent. Once the y meet the legal requirements, the rest of the actions is possible for automatic execution. These actions include credit reporting and intercepting lottery winnings. A person could also be found in contempt of court. For more information on the various enforcement actions, visit this website.

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