Child Support Calculator in Colorado

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Children of divorced parents need child support to ensure their children have a decent standard of living. Only one parent’s income will not pay for all costs associated with raising a child. The Colorado Child Support arrangement allows non-custodial parents to contribute to the child’s welfare and allow the child to have more of their lives. Child Support Payments are monthly or periodically. This article also provides tool for child support calculator in Colorado.

The Process For Child Support After Divorce

The Process For Child Support After Divorce 18

Child support assistance in Colorado is provided by the Child Support Services program. A parent who wishes to get child support from the child’s other parent would need to file an application with the CSS by filling the form for child support, and signing up. Pay an application fee of $20, but public assistance recipients is possible for exemption from the payment. Certain documents are a requirement for the application. These documents include income verification documents (pay slips), personal identification and birth certificate of the child. A picture of the other parent is also a requirement.

Child Support Services will then begin the process of establishing the case. They will contact and locate other parent using all available information, including full names, tax records, and home addresses. The other parent will receive a notice informing them of the child support case. If there is a contest between the parents, using the CSS is possible for usage to determine paternity. The case is then decided in court. This determines the child support obligations of the non-custodial parents. Additional information on this process is obtainable in Colorado’s office of Economic Security.

How Do You Receive Child Support and Calculator Tool

Parents who apply through Child Support Services (FSR) will be provided with a Family Support Registry account. A 10-digit identification number will be provided to them. Direct deposit or Child Support Payment Card are options for receiving payments.

Direct deposit arrangements credit child support funds directly to the account of the parent receiving it. There is no fee. In order to set up accounts for direct deposits, parents can fill out the direct deposit form.

The Child Support Payment Card option gives parents a Visa debit card to pay child support monthly. The support payments are directly credited to the card, which is then prepaid. This card is also available for cash withdrawal or make card purchases at any location that accepts Visa cards. So, set up the card payment option and follow the procedure.

The Child Support Calculator and Maximum Amount For Family in Colorado

The Child Support Calculator And Maximum Amount For Family In Colorado
Maximum Amount that Family can receive for child support depends on income level.

CSS guidelines ensure that both parents contribute a fair amount to the child’s upbringing. These guidelines use a formula that calculates the approximate cost of raising a child in a family setting. Factors that are accountable are: income, timesharing, insurance costs, and other child support obligations. To calculate the monthly child support payments, they may include other factors. For more details on this, visit the website to calculate payments.

A child support calculator is also available online. This calculates the approximate amount each parent could expect to pay in child support.

Child support payments are up to a certain income level. These guidelines only apply to incomes of $30,000 per month. The guidelines will not apply to incomes above $30,000 per month. Payment of child support will still be at the same rate as for incomes of $30,000. This information is available on Colorado Family Law’s page

Enforcement of Child Support

The CSS does not consider unpaid child support obligations. The CSS may charge interest on any unpaid support. The unpaid support could be due to partial or total payment of the support for the month. CSS can take administrative actions to enforce payment. This includes reporting to credit agencies and suspending driver’s licenses. 

These actions can all be taken without the need for a court hearing. In exceptional cases, the parent who defaults may be charged. Parents who call their caseworker to explain why they are unable to pay their monthly payments will be considered. Although the payment is still a requirement, delay of administrative actions will allow them time. For more details of this, visit the CSS website.

However, not every states in the US enforces child support. So, here is the full list of “Which States in the US do not enforce child support?

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