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Are you looking for Child Support Calculator in New York to know how much you can get? This article will provide all the information you need to know about child support system in this city.

Parents of children have a moral responsibility to their child’s welfare until they reach adulthood. Some parents have gone through divorce and some did not marry. It is possible that one parent will take over all responsibility for the child. Child support laws help make it legal for parents to care for their child and ensure the child enjoys a decent standard of living.

The Process For Child Support After Divorce

The Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) provides child support services in New York. The Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) handles child support applications, the establishing of orders and the collection of any payments that are due. Custodial parents who desire to open a child support case can make use of the application form. For cases with more than one child, parents must fill in an Additional Child Information form for each additional child. Parents need to fill out an application detailing their children and other non-custodial relatives. These details include full names, dates of birth, residence address, race (optional), Social Security Numbers (SSN), phone numbers, marital status, relationship to the other parent, and so on. It is important to provide accurate information in order to establish the case quickly.

Some services offered by the DCSE are assisted by the validity and information provided during the application process. These services include:

  • The location of the noncustodial parent. It is easier to locate the noncustodial parent if you include the current contact information and valid telephone number.
  • Establishment of Parentage This applies even if the parents did not marry. Either one parent can sign a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity or the court can order genetic testing.
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DCSE can help parents modify existing child support orders in order to better reflect their current financial situation.

Each year, there is a $35 fee to parents who apply for DCSE child support services. The fee is subject to deduction only after they collect $550 for the year. Parents with multiple child support cases will have a fee for each child support case. This means that the fee will be deducted from each case if the child support payments exceed the threshold. Parents who have received Temporary Aid for Needy Families support (TANF) at any time during the year do not need to pay this annual fee.

How To Receive Child Support and Child Support Calculator in New York

Parents have two options to receive child support payments. These are the Direct Deposit or the New York Child Support debit cards.

The default option to receive child support payments is the New York Child Support debit card. The Bank of America offers this and a parent can use wherever they accept Mastercard debit cards. Once the funds become available, the card account receives it and is available for withdrawal. This card allows parents to easily separate child support from their general home expenses and income. Account balance inquiries are free for any ATM. For more details on the card and available service options, the debit card section on child support page.

Direct Deposit allows parents to receive child support payments directly to their savings or checking account. This is a secure arrangement. Parents who wish to enroll for Direct Deposit need to fill an authorization form. After the completion of the authorization form, they will receive payments when the funds become available. For further information on Direct Deposit, visit the Child Support in New York website.

Paper checks are a less popular way to receive child support payments. However, no one recommends this method because other people can easily take it away from you. This is also a slow process that can lead to many problems. Some parents might need to choose this option, if they are unable to use a debit card or set up Direct Deposit accounts.

Using Calculator to Know The Maximum Amount For Child Support in New York

They calculate New York’s child support obligations as a percentage of the income of the noncustodial parent. Also considered is provision for cash medical support or health insurance. One child is entitled to 17%, two children are entitled to 25%, three children are entitled for a 29% deduction and four children get 31%. The child support obligation for five or more children is at least 35%. If the total parental income exceeds $154,000 the court will decide on a case by case basis whether to keep the percentage model. They do this review every two years.

A presumptive monthly payment of $25 will be charged to noncustodial parents with incomes below the federal poverty line. Parents with incomes above the poverty line but below 135% of poverty are eligible for $50 presumptive support.

The application form contains details about the payment expectations. The state also maintains a child support calculator

Enforcement of Child Support

The DCSE can take certain steps to collect child support payments from noncustodial parents that are not paying their dues. These are:

  • Parents with child support obligations more than 4 months behind on their payments may be subject to suspension of driver’s license.
  • Parents who owe between $50 and $150 in child support can have their tax refunds intercepted. Federal tax intercepts are $150 and state intercepts are $50.
  • Accounts with arrears exceeding $300 or 2 months past due will be frozen.
  • If a case is more than $50 in arrears, lottery winnings exceeding $600 can be intercepted.
  • Parents who owe more that $2500 in child support payments will be denied a passport application
  • For cases that are more than four months old, professional licenses can be suspended or liens placed on the property.

Additional details on the enforcement actions can be found at

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