Child Support in New Hampshire

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Sometimes, the parents of a child can separate from their children for different reasons. This often leaves one parent to pay for childcare. However, all children have the right to support their parents regardless of their relationship status. Child support laws in New Hampshire establish legal obligations that parents must follow to take care of their children.

The Process For Child Support After Divorce

The Process For Child Support After Divorce 5

Parents of minor children living in New Hampshire may apply for child support through the Bureau of Child Support Services. This is a program of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services. Complete the application form and sign it. Parents can also apply by email. This is done by sending a mail with the subject “Application Request” to The mail must include the full name and address of the parent. Parents who receive assistance from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), are automatically and compulsorily enrolled in the Child Support Program. The state will withhold child support if it is requested for parents who are receiving TANF support.

BCSS can also help parents with child support orders to receive spousal support from noncustodial partners. For child support cases in which at least $550 has been paid to the custodial parent, an annual $35 service fee is assessed. Parents who have received TANF benefits in the past do not need to pay this fee. The annual fee is charged on a case-by-case basis. Parents with multiple child support cases will be subject to the same charge.

The parent applying for child support should provide some information about the noncustodial parent (also called the obligor) when filling out the application. The information includes the parent’s current relationship, name, address, date and birth, employer, Social Security number, income information, if any, etc. This information can assist the BCSS in locating the parent faster and can make it easier for the settlement of the case. Because it can be used for verification of income and employment information, the Social Security Number of the Obligor is particularly important.

After The Confirmation of Location of the Other Parent

If the father of the child is located, it may be necessary to establish paternity. Marriage also establishes paternity, which means they assume that the husband of the woman is the father. If the father of the child and the mother did not marry, but the father admits it, the father can sign an Affidavit to Paternity. This will establish legal fatherhood. They can undergo genetic testing if the man denies that he is the father of the child. The BCSS usually pays for genetic testing and gives a result that indicates the likelihood of fatherhood. A court order is issued if the father is confirmed and paternity is established.

After the establishment of paternity, the Bureau of Child Support Services will be able to establish the child support order if necessary.

If the financial situation of noncustodial parents has changed significantly or the needs of the child have changed, custodial parents may modify their child support orders. To do this, one must fill the modification form.

How To Receive Child Support

New Hampshire’s child support parents have two payment options. These are

Direct Deposit

This arrangement allows parents to receive their funds electronically into a bank account. You can use this arrangement to fund a checking or savings account. Parents who wish to register for Direct Deposit can do so by filling an Authorization Agreement and mailing “page 1” of the agreement to the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Finance-Child Support Unit (DDP), 129 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301-3857.

New Hampshire Debit MasterCard

This prepaid card automatically loads child support payments as soon as they are available. You can use the card as a regular debit card to withdraw money, make purchases and get cashback. This card is ideal for parents without a bank account, or those who wish to separate their child support payments and general expenses. Except for an alternative option, the New Hampshire Debit MasterCard is the default method of receiving child support payments.

New Hampshire Debit Mastercard

The Maximum Amount That Your Family Can Receive For Child Support

New Hampshire has a Child Support Guideline Table, which helps calculate child support payments in each case. These guidelines take into account the net income of each parent, the number and age of the children, and other factors. These guidelines do not set a maximum amount for child support. Instead, they base child support payments by the noncustodial parent’s ability and the child’s needs. Find the Child Support Guidelines online. The state also hosts a child support calculator which is gives parents an idea of the amount for the child support. The exact amount may vary as the court may take into account certain factors when making an order. 

Enforcement of Child Support

Parents need to pay child support can sometimes not follow the court orders. Enforcement actions might be necessary against parents in such cases. These enforcement cases in New Hampshire includes:

  • License suspension and revocation: This affects professional, recreational and driver’s licenses
  • Passport denial
  • Placement of liens on the parent’s property and accounts
  • Accepting winning lottery tickets
  • Intercepting Federal and State Tax Refunds
  • Sending reports to credit bureaus
  • Court action: This could lead to incarceration depending on the amount owed and how long the parent has been in default.
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