Childcare Assistance VA (Virginia) Helps Paying For Childcare

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The Child Care Subsidy Program (or Childcare assistance va) helps families pay child care costs for children. Besides, these children must be younger than 13 years old and not eligible to attend public schools during school hours. If they are eligible and approved, the Subsidy Program will pay a portion of your child-care costs directly to the provider.

Basic Eligibility Requirements for Childcare Assistance VA

Basic Eligibility Requirements For Childcare Assistance Va

You must meet the following requirements to be eligible for ChildCare Subsidy Program

  • Virginia residents who are either:
    • Actively working or actively looking for a job. If you are looking for work, let your local social services department know during your interview.
    • Participating in a training or education program
    • Child protective services (CPS) are available to you.
    • Participating in an activity for Virginia Initiative for Education and Work.
    • Participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programme Employment and Training (SNAPET).
  • Documentation of the citizenship or legal residency of your child in the United States.
  • Document the child’s immunization records as required by the State Board of Health.
  • Documentation of your household income must not exceed the limits of your locality.

A conditional approval may be granted for services to a family with a child who is homeless but cannot provide the documentation required to prove eligibility. Besides, his will not exceed 90 days.

Application Process

There are two ways to apply for Child Care Subsidy Program:

Application Process 2

Within 30 days, your application will be reviewed. Besides, you may need to attend an interview or provide documentation proving your basic eligibility. Then, if you have approval and are eligible for services, your local government will authorize child care with a participating provider. A portion of your child-care costs will be paid directly by your provider.

Finding Child Care

There are many options available to parents for the best provider option that suits their family’s needs. Parents want to ensure their child’s happiness, health, and development. Quality child care programs offer enriching experiences that lead to higher achievement and greater success in school as well as in life.

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