Childcare Subsidy Program For Single Mothers

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Childcare Subsidy Program, or CCSP, assists eligible families in paying for child care. This allows parents to work, study, or take part in a job-training program. Eligible families can also apply for CCSP if the adult(s), the legal guardians, are deceased.

Who Is Eligible To Receive Childcare Subsidy Program (CCSP)?

Income Guidelines

Family Size Annual IncomeMonthly IncomeWeekly Income

Additional family members are eligible for an additional 3%. If there is more than one child in a family, the youngest child will be enrolled. A family’s assessed fees shall not exceed 10% of their gross income for all children.

Who Is Eligible To Receive Childcare Subsidy Program Ccsp
Childcare has always been a headache for single moms.

Child Eligibility In Childcare Subsidy Program

  1. When adjusted for Family size, the Gross Income of a Family that is not more than eighty-five percent (85%) of its State Median Income (SMI), they are eligible to reside with you. SMI is calculated using the most current SMI data published by the Bureau of the Census for a Family of the same age;
  2. Assist a family whose Family Assets are less than $1,000,000 (certified by the parent);
  3. You must be a U.S. citizen or “qualified alien” according to 8 U.S.C. SS1641 as defined in 8 U.S.C. SS 1359. Eligibility criteria are determined by the citizenship and immigration status only of the Child who is the primary beneficiary of the Child Care Subsidy. The Child Care Subsidy is unavailable to parents who cannot provide proof of citizenship for their children receiving Child Care Services.
  4. Do not reside with a parent who has a history or misrepresentation in order to receive any Federal or State benefit.
  5. Minimum six (6) weeks old, younger than thirteen (13), older than thirteen (13) during the current eligibility period. Or, if the Child meets the criteria of Child with special needs pursuant to these rules, less than nineteen (19).
  6. If you reside with an employed parent, attend an Educational or Job Training Program that prevents the parent(s) from providing supervision and care for the child(ren) while the parent is participating in the activity.
Child Eligibility In Childcare Subsidy Program

Parent Homelessness Eligibility

  1. A Parent of an eligible child who is homeless at the time of application or redetermination will be approved for Child care Subsidy. To allow the parent to submit required eligibility documentation (45 C.F.R. ), a ninety-nine (90) day grace period will also be granted. SS 98.41. The Child is eligible for the Child Care Subsidy during this grace period.
  2. The Parent will be removed from Child Care Subsidy if the Homeless Parent’s eligibility documentation is not received within the ninety (90-day) grace period. These rules do not allow for improper payments of Child Care Subsidy or Parent Fees to Child Care Providers.
  3. If the Parent’s eligibility documentation is reviewed, they will continue to be eligible for Childcare Subsidy during the remaining Award Period.
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