Holiday Assistance for Single Parents in Need

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This year, we want to make Christmas special for you and your children. This Christmas can be a memorable one for single moms because there are resources to help them.

Starting early with your Christmas planning is a wise thing to do. Your family will start thinking about the perfect gift as soon as the festive season starts. 

Brighten up the holidays and bring festive cheer to your home this year. Here are various programs that will give you holiday and Christmas help for single moms.

5 Places to Get Christmas Help for Single Moms

The holidays can be difficult for single parents. But this Christmas doesn’t have to. With these programs, you can get the holiday cheer without stressing over being able to afford it. Here is where you can sign up for free Christmas gifts for your children.

Salvation Army/ Angel Tree

The Salvation Army is a large charitable organization that provides free Christmas gifts for families in need each year. Each local chapter rallies hundreds of sponsors every year to provide children with gifts.

Find a Salvation Army office near you to see your eligibility and what documents are needed for application by clicking here.

St. Vincent de Paul’s Adopt-A-Family

The St. Vincent de Paul’s created the Adopt-A-Family program. This program encourages privileged families or individuals to spread the Christmas cheer. By providing Christmas gifts and meals to families in Phoenix, the holidays become merry for all.

To find out more about the program, click here, or if you need many places that can help holiday, please call 602.266.4673 and dial option 5.

United Way

United Way is a charity organization that also offers a Christmas gift program to people in need. Families can either apply or need to be referred. Sponsors can also adopt an entire family and help provide gifts, meals, gift cards, etc., to ease your stress during this season.

Find a United Way in your area by clicking here

Cars 4 Christmas

Cars 4 Christmas is an amazing initiative that gifts families with a car as a Christmas gift. Every year, they give hundreds of cars filled with groceries, toys, cleaning products, child safety seats, and gas cards.

On Friday, December 20th, they will give over 20 vehicles away to 20 Families. You can apply now or listen to 101 The Fox for daily giveaways starting in November.

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots set up donation boxes in several states throughout the year. During the festive season, they with sponsors like Toys” R” Us, Babies” R” U many places cans, Disney, and Macy’s to gift children brand new toys for the festive season.

To request a toy for your child, you can click here to locate the nearest local campaign.

The Make A Wish Foundation only gifts children with medical conditions. Make-a-Wish Foundation goes above and beyond your requests. They take pride in making the holiday season special for children. But, if your child doesn’t suffer from a life-threatening disease, then these other resources will be of better help.

Other Holiday Help Resources

Many places can offer you help these holidays; consider these resources in your local community.

Buy Nothing Facebook Groups

Check if your area has a Buy Nothing Group on Facebook around the holiday season. These groups are a great resource for families in need who could use some items for the holidays. Therefore, the things are donated and second-hand but will still make a difference in helping you this Christmas.


Several churches partner with local businesses to give back to the neediest in their community. Visit your local churches to enquire about Christmas toy drives or any campaigns and how

Ways to Make Christmas Extra Special This Year

Surviving Christmas as a single parent in 2021 won’t be easy; here are a few tips to help you on how you can make this Christmas a memorable one.

Plan ahead

Planning will give you a better chance at giving yourself and your family the perfect Christmas. Most Holiday Assitance Programs are flooded with many applications and calls just before the festive season, which decreases your chances of getting help. 

Check out local events. 

Attend or participate in the events hosted in your area. This is a great way of getting the kids out and meeting other single parents or making new friends in your community. 

Let go of expectations. 

Relax, and don’t feel like you have to do things a certain way. Enjoy quality time with your children. That is what they are going to remember the most. 

Make New Christmas Traditions as Single Moms

Please don’t focus on what you don’t have; focus on what you do have and make the most of it. Watch a special Christmas movie, take a walk, or cook a hearty Christmas meal. Whatever you do, your children with treasure the time spent together. 

Take all the help you can get during the holidays will help you focus on matters the most. Save money on Christmas to have more money to pay off your other bills.

You may feel pressured to have the “perfect Christmas,” but the truth is, no matter how old your kids are, they will remember your efforts (the thought always counts) and that they got to spend Christmas with mum or dad.  

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

Lori Pace is a single mother of three daughters ages 7 and under. As a working mom from home, she balances kids, work and two crazy dogs with humor and love. Follow Lori as she honestly gives tips and advice based on her own experiences as a single mom!