COPD Foundation Grants

COPD Foundation Grants

COPD Foundation grants dedicates its whole organization in curing COPD and preventing it from happening. This helps to improve the lives of those with the sickness. COPD Foundation is an international organization that works to improve the lives of patients, their families, doctors, researchers, industry and government agencies.

About 15-20 million Americans are affected by chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD), and more than 300 million people around the world. The COPD Foundation grants have made real progress in education, advocacy and research, but there is still much to do.

COPD Foundation Grants – Aim & Strategies

The COPD Foundation’s mission is to improve COPD treatment and offer expanded services at affordable costs for patients. COPD patients and other COPD-related disorders can live better lives by:

  1. Empowering COPD patients to be self-advocate, self-manage and take control of their own care so they can manage their own lives.
  2. Providers of healthcare professionals with the tools they need to help patients achieve their goals.
  3. Assist in the connection of partners to accurate, patient-centered and impartial information.

The Foundation supports patients and their families with advocacy, prevention, education, research, and other programs.

Key Programs

COPD Foundation grants are available to help fund COPD programs.These are the COPD Foundation programs.

The COPD Patient-Powered Research Network (PPRN)

A patient-reported registry, the COPD Patient-Powered Research Network. It allows patients to participate in survey-based research, and it also acts as a platform to help them learn more about research opportunities. COPD patients, as well as those who are at high risk for COPD, can enroll in the COPD PPRN.

Patients, clinicians, and researchers can interact directly through research. This allows for patients to be directly involved in research decisions, and the research is more patient-centered. Annual surveys on topics such as pulmonary rehabilitation or vaccinations are also available in the COPD PPRN. For more information, visit this page.

BRIDGE Project

The COPD Foundation’s BRIDGE Project focuses on patients, caregivers, and the ultimate goal of:

  1. The development of a COPD research agenda that prioritizes patient/caregiver involvement.
  2. The identification and expansion of materials that support COPD patients/caregivers.
  3. To develop surveys that measure the success and impact of including COPD patients and caregivers in research.

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, (PCORI) funds and supports the BRIDGE project. For more information, visit this page

The Bronchiectasis and NTM Research Registry (BRR)

The Bronchiectasis Research Registry and NTM Research Registry are a consolidated list of patients with non-cystic Fibrosis bronchiectasis or NTM from US hospitals.

This registry is intended to encourage collaboration in research and support multi-center clinical trials for non-CF bronchiectasis or NTM lung disease. For more information, visit this page


It is an online community for patients with Bronchiectasis or NTM that is open to patients, caregivers, physicians, and healthcare providers. It functions as an online home, a place where people can exchange ideas and thoughts, have discussions, ask questions and read and comment on blogs.

BronchandNTM360social is utilized to obtain patient feedback on research priorities and preferences for treatment.For more information, visit this page

COPD Foundation Grants – Other Foundations Funding COPD programs

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), can be prevented and treated. Many foundations offer funding for COPD programs that aim on improving access to healthcare in underserved areas, improving the health outcomes for specific populations, and supporting innovative delivery models for healthcare. These are the foundations and non-profit organizations fund COPD research programs:

CHEST Foundation 

The CHEST Foundation awards grants each year to distinguished scholars, research candidates and generous community volunteers. For more information, visit this page

Hearst Foundations

The Hearst Foundations funds these programs. You may use these grants to support medical research, increase skills, increase the number practitioners, and develop young investigators.. For more information, visit this page.


The grants of the COPD Foundation are available for scientific research, education and awareness. To encourage support and implementation of its programs, the foundation has formed partnerships across the U.S. COPD360social’s online presence expands its reach and unites these efforts.

The COPD Foundation has a diverse range of backgrounds, with high expertise in medicine, biotech, advocacy, education, and respiratory therapy. Its goal is to stop COPD progression and help people live better lives.

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