Covid-19 Resources for Texans

COVID-19 Resources in Texas

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Many people find it hard to survive the Covid-19 pandemic, and many Texans also need help. Moreover, unemployment and the loss of jobs due to Covid-19 are rising.

However, both the federal and local government branches have created grants and programs to help single mothers get through the economic crisis.

Covid-19 Help for Texans

Texas Unemployment Benefits

As Texas reopens, many people, including single mothers, are returning to work. Still, many employees have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic and have trouble finding jobs.

If you are among those, who are having trouble finding a job, visit their site. You can also use virtual or in-person services throughout Texas or call 211. There could be services available in your locality, including rent, utility, and even food assistance.

Healthy Texas Women

Another organization committed to helping single mothers is Healthy Texas Women. They provide provisions through family planning and other health services to those residing in the state of Texas. Whether you are looking to postpone a pregnancy or prevent it, Healthy Texas Women is ready to assist you.

They also do free Covid-19 tests, so single mothers don’t need to worry about spending money to get tested. You can also call 211 to get more information about the Covid-19 pandemic or where you can find a testing site in your area. To find out more about Health Texas Women and their programs, head on over to their website.

Covid-19 Tax Relief – Help for Texans

Next on our list is the Covid-19 Tax Relief support for single mothers taxpayers by offering timely information concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. Single mothers who have small businesses that the virus has impacted can qualify for the New Employer Tax Credits, including:

  • Credit for Sick
  • Family Leave
  • Employee Retention Credit

For more information, you may visit this link.
You can also learn more about the Covid-19 Tax Relief on this page.

Austin Creative Alliance: Artist Emergency Relief Fund

Single mothers working in creative fields or have creative careers can benefit from the Artist Emergency Relief Fund. It’s a program that supports single mom artists who lost their income because of Covid-10. This is because of the cancellation of gigs, concerts, live performances, and even commissions.

To be eligible for the fund, you must be an artist residing in Great Austin. This fund aims to enable single mothers to cope with the situation created by Covid-19 and maintain their financial stability despite the pandemic. If you’d like to know more about the program, please visit their website.

Tenant-Based Rent Help for Texans

The TBRA or the Tenant-Based Rent Assistance is available to single mothers who demonstrate the need to adjust their rent payment due to loss of income due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This program enables single mothers to move from being homeless to self-sufficient.

To benefit from the program, you need to be a resident of Austin and demonstrate the need for rental assistance for you to be eligible to apply. You can visit their webpage for more information about the program.

Rent Relief and Housing Assistance

Finally, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs and the 211 Texas supports single mothers. They help by allowing them to select their location and the kind of help they need, including rent, utility, food, and even housing support.

You can firstly visit this link or their website for more information and to learn more about the program.

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