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13 Creative Rituals for the Single Mom Family

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When I think back to my childhood, I inevitably think about all the beautiful rituals and new family traditions that my mom lovingly created for us.

There was the bedtime story reading – something, I’m sure, most parents do with their kids. But I will always remember it as something special and unique to our family. It was my favorite way to end a day.

There was the ritual of putting together an Advent calendar story every December– one day at a time for 24 days. Every night, we’d sit down, mom would read a novel to us, and then we’d add a section to our Advent calendar. It was so exciting and something I treasure until this day.

Then, much later, there was the tradition of us three girls – my mom, sister, and I – watching America’s Next Top Model together. Every Thursday evening, we’d gather in the living room and indulge in a world of beauty, drama, and make-believe. I loved those evenings where all the sorrows and stressors of the week just floated away, and we’d have a few hours of fun with some crazy model drama and popcorn, just us girls.

Family rituals don’t just provide exceptional memories. They also serve as emotional stables in a child’s life, which’s even more important when growing up.

New Family Traditions as a Single Mom Family

I never thought that I would have to create family traditions as a single mom, but life can be strange and unexpected things happen to all of us. My kids and I have worked hard to transition to a single-parent family, and so far, we are doing okay.

I made you a list of some of the old rituals we still do and some new family traditions we’ve created or want to try in the future.

1. Read bedtime stories

Making time for bedtime stories is essential, and it only takes 15 minutes at night before bed.

Not only does it instill a special love for reading in your children, but it also creates a safe space where you can all be together laughing and having fun.bedtime stories

2. Create something special for each of your children

If you have more than one child, try creating something special that you and each of your children do – something like gardening, reading, painting, or baking. A TV show or movie series can also work.

My mom and I had the tradition of watching the movie Two Weeks Notice every year – something special she only shared with me.

3. Set aside a day and time to do a project together

Spend some time indulging in your children’s hobbies. Trying to understand what’s important to them will make them feel seen, heard, and treasured. It’ll also give you a glimpse into your child’s universe, and you’ll have tons of fun together.

4. Create unique holiday traditions

single mom christmasOne of the things I’m most looking forward to when it comes to my children is creating particular holiday traditions. We had so many beautiful Christmas and Easter rituals that made us look forward to these holidays every year.

Do an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday, or put your child’s boot in front of the door on December 5th so that St Nicholas can fill it with candy and a little gift.

You can also go Trick-or-Treating for Halloween, put milk and cookies next to the tree for Santa Claus the night before Christmas, or have an at-home dance party every new year.

All of these things are guaranteed to add magic to your home.

5. Make household chores a family thing

Who says having to fold laundry, clean the dishes or mop the floor has to be super boring? Put some music on and share these tasks with your kid.

6.  Share your highs and lows

Do this either when you put your child to bed or at the dinner table. Allow everyone to share their highs and lows of the day. Sharing about your life is a great conversation starter and the best way to know what’s going on in your child’s life.

7. Family movie night

Family movie nights are so fun!

Make it a tradition to have a family movie night once a month, take turns to pick the movie, and make sure you have tons of snacks. I had a high school friend whose family did this once a week, and she didn’t even miss it for parties or sleepovers.

8. Do a staycation now and then

You don’t have to go somewhere fancy to spend time with your child. If you can’t afford spectacular trips, stay in your PJs for a day or two, turn off your phone and relax with your little one.

9.  The birthday treat

We all had cake in bed for breakfast on each of our birthdays. Choose something that suits your family’s temperament and make it happen!

birthday donut

10. Saturday mornings in bed

Let your child come to bed with you on Saturday mornings. Read stories, talk about life, play around or sleep a bit longer. I loved these mornings in bed with my parents as they were great bonding times.

11. Sunday morning brunch

Go all out on Sunday mornings with pancakes, orange juice, waffles, hot chocolate, eggs, and anything else your heart desires. Use this time to catch up with everything that’s going on in your little one’s world. Be sure to turn off the TV, computer, and phone and indulge in each other’s company.

12. Date nights

Have your child take YOU out for dinner now and then. Let them choose the restaurant and make a big deal about dressing up and having fun.

13. Celebrate the first snowfall with hot chocolate each wintefirst snow new family traditionsr

There’s nothing more touching and more beautiful than seeing the first snow of the year.

Add a touch of delight to this spectacle by preparing an extra yummy hot cup of hot chocolate with little marshmallows for you and your children and watch the snowfall together.

What are your favorite family rituals? Please share them with us!

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