Different Activities You Can Do With Your Children

As a single mom, children are your best companion, they give you hope and make your days fun as well. Get busy around the house and make your children become part of your life, you will never wallow in despair and sadness because of loneliness. The innocence and creativity make you have something to laugh about at any one point in your interaction with them. You can choose either indoor or outdoor activity, this is the time you can realize a child’s talent and passion and use the opportunity to build on it into something worthwhile. Remember, children have a low concentration span, ensure the activities are fun and enjoyable at the same time offers learning environment to discover themselves.

Have a look at some at some of the activities you can do with your children:

Bike Riding

bikeThis is an enjoyable outdoor event, which allows you to appreciate and explore nature. If you are doing it with your teenagers, it is the best time to offer advice on various life challenges and have fun at the same time. You cannot overlook the physical fitness component of bike riding. The modern lifestyle has minimum physical activities, it also acts as an opportunity to keep fit and bond with your children, competing for some distance adds fun to the whole exercise.

Drawing and Painting

paint Children love colors, this activity is ideal for all age groups in the house. You can choose to draw various shapes, figures even make them draw you and see their potential. The fun in it is working around with different colors. Why no draw a color wheel, explain primary colors, show them how secondary colors and how two or more primary colors can be mixed to form a single color.



Hey! It is summer; Siblings Swimming with Their Momwe get to enjoy the sunshine with a nice swim at the pool or at the beach. Swimming has numerous health benefits to you as a single mom. It keeps you refreshed; doing it with your kids also enhances a strong bond between you and the children.





When you just want to stay indoors and still have fun, why not engage in storytelling sessions. Tales have a moral lesson; use the opportunity to instill virtues and values, which will guide them in life. Let them also tell you stories and ask questions of the moral lessons, before you realize it. You have a great bonding with your child.


Hide and Seek Games

Humble yourself and fit in their mind, do hide and seek games within the home, let them look for you as you also look for them in turns. The laughter and joy in them are amazing.


Computer Games Competition    computer

Technology is here with us on phones, tablets, and desktops. You can choose games, which can be played by two or more people and adjust it to their level so that you win and lose to build their self-esteem. Technology will also help your children learn good and new things that can’t be learn in school. Once you will get involved in your children’s playing hobby, you will get to know what do they really like and will be able to understand your children”s behavior. Computer games with interaction can increase the intimacy that you have with your children.


Playing with your children increases the bond and allows you instill values while having fun, so spend every moment that you can with you children. The best thing that a Mother can have is to see the big smile of her children.


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