Discount Grocery Stores For Low-Income Single Moms

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Saving money is the right thing to do, especially with the increasing costs of everything. One thing you can work on in your house is cutting down on your grocery bill. Discount grocery stores are not new. However, they are gaining popularity. Why? Because generic store brands can be quite affordable.

You can also shop at salvage grocery stores, also known as bent-and-dents. This is a great way to save money on your family’s food budget. Continue reading to learn more about salvage grocery stores, as well as a list of independent-owned discount and salvage grocery stores.

Salvage Vs. Discount Grocery Stores

A “salvage” grocery is one that sells food and produces that has been thrown away. You might find leftover Halloween candy, Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes, or dented corn cans from a damaged pallet. Products that have been rebranded may still be in use.

Discount grocery stores often sell off-brand products. Most grocery items in salvage stores are name-brand products purchased from third-party distributors. These items are then resold at bent-and-dent shops. 

Is Food From A Salvage Grocery Store Safe?

Yes, food purchased at salvage grocery stores is safe to eat. The only product with a “use by” date, according to the Food & Drug Administration is infant formula. All the sell-by and best-by dates you see on bread and meat packages are actual freshness recommendations from the manufacturer.

You can also slash your grocery bill by shopping at stores offering “ugly” produce for cheap.

You don’t have to mind having crooked apples or cucumbers, you can look into delivery services that work directly with growers. This will help save damaged produce. These products are not otherwise in compliance with visual buying criteria. Besides selling “ugly” fruits and vegetables, Imperfect Foods and Misfits Market also offer customers pantry staples, milk, and meat products.

Money Saving Tips With Large Discount Grocery Stores

Do not go blindly to discount grocery stores. These simple tips will help you maximize your grocery shopping and save money.

ALDI’s Weekly Ad

ALDI, a German supermarket chain, is known for its simplicity. It is the fastest-growing supermarket chain in America. ALDI stores tend to be smaller and have less signage and towering shelves than the big national brands. ALDI can be made a favorite in KCL, and you will find ALDI deals every week. Also, check out the ALDI Discovers and ALDI Savers sections.

Exotic Wines from Lidl 

You can be a sommelier if you are based in Lidl. This east coast-based chain of discount grocery shops offers about 80 wines at any time. Lidl has won more than 200 industry awards for its wine selection. You can find a variety of wines at great prices, including reds from California and Spain.

Clip Smart & Final Coupons’ Weekly Circular

Smart & Final offers the best deals. Check out Smart & Final weekly ads or clip Smart & Final coupons online (or print them for in-store shopping). There are great deals available at Smart & Final close to you. For example, save $1.50 on four SMART ONE’s products and $1.00 on Welch’s Fruit Snacks.

Market Basket for Deals on Grocery Items and Produce

Market Basket for Deals

Market Basket is a small grocery store based in Louisiana and Texas. It will encourage you to go on a southern road trip for savings. Market Basket’s Weekly Flyer has the best deals. Here you will find products and groceries at crazy low prices.

You can find WinCo Foods all over the West coast, as well as scattered throughout the Midwest and parts of Texas. Unfortunately, you can’t shop online right now. You will have to shop in-store.

You should be looking out for green label tags when you browse the aisles. These are sales items that have been marked with a green label. You can apply one coupon per item for a larger discount — whether it’s a WinCo coupon or a manufacturer coupon.

Personal Care Products At Food 4 Less 

Food 4 Less can be found mainly on the West coast. It is owned by Kroger Co. Kroger brand products may also be available on their shelves.

Grocery Outlet’s Facebook Page for Great Deals

Grocery Outlet doesn’t allow online shopping at the moment so you can’t view what they have online. They have a reputation for offering great wine deals. You’ll need to be attentive to their social media posts.

Family Dollar Discount Grocery Store

Dollar Tree owns Family Dollar and offers products in a similar price range. You can browse Family Dollar’s Weekly Advertisements to find sweet deals on a wide range of products. These include back-to-school essentials, snacks for kids’ lunches, and many other items.

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