Disney Dad

The troublesome truth of the Disney Dad

Disney Dad is a non-custodial parent that gives gifts and enjoys time with his or her child only during visitation. On the other hand, they leave the other parent takes care of any disciplinary issues.

Are You Co-Parenting With A Disney Dad?

Disney Dad
Is he a Disney Dad?

You probably know where your ex is headed if he is a Disney dad. It can feel like your son is staying at the party house with you, and not their biological father, when you send them off. You beg, nag and plead for them to eat one piece of broccoli. When it’s Disney Dad, it’s pancakes, pizza, and nuggets and fries for dinner. Regularly, there’s chocolate and ice cream.

The Routine Of The Disney Dad

A Disney Dad’s style is more free-ranging parenting. Your children may come home with their eyes open, and your strict bedtime of 7.30pm will become whenever they fall asleep. He has sometimes picked them up early from school on weekends. It’s all about spending quality time with Dad.

The Financial Implications

financially struggling
You are then left financially struggling with school fees, swimming lessons, and daily expenses.

The Disney Dad is a short-term swan who spends his money on frivolities and outings. It’s surely not a good co-parenting situation for the single mom, who has to carry everything.

It’s amazing how much you can pack into a single night. Movies, random interstate trips and ghost tours, show bowling, water slides, rock climbing aquariums, AFL ice skating… The Disney Dad does it all. However, if your child requires new socks, haircuts, or shoes, then poor old Disney Dad’s bank account is empty. For him, there’s no joy in the mundane details of life.

Should You Compete?

How can you compete with the entertainment provided by the parent who does not have the majority of custody? You don’t have to if your ex wants to cooperate with you in order to keep things consistent. Save a lot of stress by picking your battles and not putting your child in danger.

Children will soon learn that different rules apply to different houses, just like Disney Dad. No items are allowed to be brought home. Whis is a rule that helps you avoid them from bringing home random things that won’t fit in your home. 

Understanding The Disney Dad

Disney Dad can be a friend, but not a parent.
Disney Dad can be a friend, but not a parent.

It is possible to see the logic behind Disney Dad’s actions if you dig deeper. He may not see his children often enough to be able to fully understand their needs. He uses entertainment and the ‘go-go-go’ distraction to hide his lack of insight.

The Disney Dad is a friend and not a parent. He will leave you with happy memories and albums filled with photos. To make up for his guilt about not spending more time with them, he may even ‘spoil’ them. He may feel that disciplining them is not enjoyable for him or them… so why bother?

What Should Happen To Have a Successful Co-Parenting

You don’t have to deal directly with a Disney dad. Your children are like you, and while a vacation is great, there’s nothing like the feeling of being at home.

You don’t have to be competitive. Instead, set boundaries that will help them understand what you expect of them when they return. Use the parenting method that is most effective for you. Your children will learn about the importance of money and what you do every day for them.

It’s true, most kids would be happy to take a trip to the park or beach for free, or spend time with their mom. You don’t have to spend all your money on them in one day.

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