District of Columbia TANF

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District of Columbia TANF supports low-income families in need through temporary cash assistance. The district program offers job training, job readiness, child care, tuition assistance, case management, and other supportive services too. 

All work-eligible members of the family under TANF need to participate in work activities to become self-sufficient. Those who do not participate will have their benefits reduced.

FAQ’s about District of Columbia TANF

How much is TANF in DC?

A family of three in DC receives monthly TANF benefits of $658. Getting a job and making it stay for at least two weeks secures a bonus of $150. If the job stays for six months it secures a bonus of $500.

How long can you receive TANF in DC? 

Qualified families do not have a time limit of receiving TANF benefits, due to the Elimination of the 60 month time limit by DC

How do you get TANF in DC? 

Application for TANF is through the nearest Economic Security Administration (ESA) Service Center. An interview that determines if your family is qualified for the benefits will be arranged. Contact (202) 727-5355 for help locating an ESA Service Center near you.

Note: A family of three received monthly $154 over 60 months of getting TANF benefits. 

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