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Divine Feminine Meaning And Its Qualities

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There are many witchy items that are trendy right now, such as crystals for healing and astrological compatibility, single moms’ devotional. Now we can add “divine femininity energy” to the mix. The concept of the divine feminine and its meaning are to have qualities extends beyond an Instagram photo of a woman sporting flowing locks that look like the Birth of Venus. The energy known as shakti (yin), lunar energy, and moon energy, the divine feminine is often linked symbolically with water, Gaia (Mother Earth), or the moon. Although spiritualists have different interpretations of the divine feminine, it is often associated with intuition, receptivity and compassion, abundance, nurturing love, and connection.

Today’s patriarchal society has resorted to relying on masculine traits like rationalization, scientific facts, productivity and all things technical. Many spiritualists believe we have an unbalanced life. They blame global warming, the hustle culture, and our obsession with power for creating a masculine-driven culture. In order to live a balanced and fulfilling life, we should embrace the divine feminine qualities of turning inward rather than outward, forgiving instead of fighting, and allowing our bodies to be more open to receiving guidance from God. This applies equally to men and women.

Are you ready to discover how to channel this energy in your life? This is what you need to know about divine feminine meaning and energies. And moreover, how to align with them.

What Is The Meaning Of Divine Feminine?

It’s simply energy. It doesn’t matter what sex you have, as everyone has divine feminine and divine male qualities. In many mystical traditions, the concept of “masculine and feminine energy” has been used to describe dualities within people. We all have the desire to get things done (masculine), but we also all have the ability and capacity to recharge and rest (feminine).

The divine feminine is the healer and nurturer within us. However, the masculine represents our inherent leader. The qualities of the masculine are the mirror of the divine feminine. Both are necessary, they complement one another like yin/yang.

What Are The Qualities Of Divine Feminine Energy?

  • Intuitive
  • Heart-centered
  • Forgiveness
  • Compassionate
  • Healing
  • Empathetic
  • Nurture
  • Creativity
  • Nature lover
  • Collaborator
  • Lover
  • Sensuality
  • Kind
  • Gentle
  • Communicative

How Do You Awaken The Divine Feminine In Your Life?

awake the divine feminine
How can you awaken the divine feminine?

Our society is very action-oriented. It values external success, doing and a “go go go!” approach to living. This is a far cry from a reflective and receptive society. To awaken the divine feminine within your life, you must go inward and focus on being, rather than doing. You should also allow yourself to reflect and rest. Here are some ways you can bring it into your life.

Follow Your Instincts

We are all trained to trust our logic and intellect when making decisions. Tune into your intuition the next time you make a decision in your life. Listen to what your intuition is telling you. And yes, it doesn’t need to make sense. But it will feel right for you, even though it is not logical.

It’s Okay To Take A Break In Life

We live in a bustling culture. Give yourself time to recharge and rest. Don’t be hard on yourself. Every day, set aside some time to listen to your heart and be still. Meditation is possible, or you can choose not to meditate. You can meditate or not. The key is to simply be.

Embrace Sensuality

Sensuality does not necessarily have to be sexual. Sensuality means to be present with all your senses and increase the enjoyment of what you are taking in. Pay attention to the clothes and sounds you make, and enjoy the taste of your food.

Get In Touch With Creativity To Wake The Divine Feminine

What do you want to create? What would you love to do? Learn to dance and make clothes? The divine feminine energy is about embracing your creativity and expressing it through all that you do.

Prioritize Yourself

Self-care is essential. We can’t care for others if we don’t take the time to look after ourselves. Schedule some “me” time that allows you to connect with yourself. This could be taking a bath, journaling or even watching your favorite movie.

Spend Some Time Understanding Your Dreams

Dreams can be a wonderful way to connect with your inner thoughts and feelings. You can use your dreams to communicate with the universe, so open a book of dreams or browse the internet. This knowledge will help you to understand yourself and guide you on the path that you are meant to take.

What Are The Signs Of Divine Feminine Awakening?

Sometimes, the energy of the divine femininity can spontaneously awaken. This is a sign that you are on the right path to a more balanced and aligned lifestyle. These are signs to watch out for.

signs of divine feminine awakening
Divine Feminine Awakening Comes with Some Signs!

Your intuition is right on target

Your intuition is on point if you notice that you are more intuitive than usual and know things before they actually happen, this could be a sign that your divine feminine has woken up.

You are more creative than ever before

Another sign that your divine feminine awakening is manifesting is the increased creativity. Do you feel a spark of creativity and imagination? This goes beyond artistic expression. Your problem-solving skills will improve. You’ll discover new talents and have a happier life. During this transformation, any unique talents or gifts will definitely grow.

You are more compassionate

Another indicator is being more compassionate and sympathetic to others, including strangers and unlikable neighbors.

You are receiving more

Although it can be difficult to let go of your life and allow yourself to receive, this can signal a shift towards divine feminine energies. This could be as simple as accepting compliments and gestures of loved ones or allowing yourself the freedom to receive from the universe rather than acting on them.

You will feel more compassionate

Feeling more compassionate and kind towards others as you become more feminine. You will also discover a strong desire to serve others and help them. You may find that your reaction to difficult situations is less aggressive than in the past.

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