How To Choose The Best Divorce Meditation Near Me?

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Many divorcing couples find that mediation is better than going to court to make their decisions about the future. In fact, mediation is faster than dealing with court issues and allows for a cheaper, happier divorce. The reason is that decisions are made by mutual agreements will result in a higher compliance rate and sometimes preservation of civility. Hence, divorce mediation makes a huge difference in couple’s end of marriage. So, the question here is how to choose the best divorce mediation near me?

How To Find The Best Divorce Mediator/Meditation Near Me

Understand The Qualifications Of A “Good” Divorce Mediator

A mediator is essential to reach an agreement on the dissolution of your marriage. The role of your mediator is crucial in making decisions regarding the long-term financial, emotional and social well-being of you and your family. It is worth taking time to find out about the qualifications of a competent mediator.


How long has the mediator been in the business? What number of cases has he worked on and how similar were they to yours?


Look for a mediator who has been trained in divorce mediation. Basic training in divorce mediation takes 40 hours. Some states do not require any training or certification. It is important to pay close attention.

Philosophy And Approach

The best mediators are able to tell the couple when they should offer them options and when they should let them talk it out. You should choose a mediator who you feel would be a good fit.

Locate The Best Divorce Mediation Near Me In My Area

You can choose mediators who are located in an area that is mutually agreeable to you, even if you live in two different places. There are many ways to find local mediators.

Personal Referrals

You might be able to get information from other couples who have used mediation in their divorce proceedings.

Divorce Mediation Section

Online Directories For Divorce Mediation Near Me

There are many websites that offer online mediator directories. However, there is one website that offers a fully automated selection platform, MediatorSelect directory. Find divorce mediators near you, or to search for keywords that are relevant to your area. Next, browse the profiles of each mediator to learn more about their unique philosophies. You can use private messaging to communicate your choices and personal opinions with your spouse.

Other Local Referral Sources

A mediator referral service may be offered by a local bar association. You can also check with your local mediation organizations and dispute resolution centers. You should have a list with qualified candidates who can practice in an area that is accessible for both parties

Meet With Your Candidates In Person

A face-to-face meeting will provide valuable information. Many divorce mediators offer free consultations. Confirm that the mediator is present during the consultation.

Best Divorce Mediation Will Invest In You

The mediator should make a good impression. You want someone who is pleasant to work with, free from biases about gender, race, or sexual orientation. They should be kind and compassionate, and truly care about the wellbeing of your family.

Is A Great Problem Solver

Mediators need to quickly grasp complex concepts. Find out their resolution rate for similar cases to yours.

Can Explain The Entire Administrative Process

Initial consultations should discuss the legal process for filing divorce papers and how the mediator will participate in this process. What are the mediation fees?

Can Provide A Range Of Services, Or Facilitate Getting Them

They might require getting additional services during a divorce. If the mediator provides these services, will there be a separate charge? Can the mediator refer you to professionals who can provide this service if the mediator is not able to? These services could include:

  • Real estate/Mortgage valuation
  • Valuation of pensions
  • Emotional support
  • Evaluation of child welfare
  • Accountant services

Best Divorce Mediation Includes The Settlement Agreement In Their Fee

Divorce mediation seeks to reach an agreement between the parties regarding their property, finances, as well as their children. Each party signs a document that contains the agreement. Is the document written by the candidate or do you need to hire an attorney?

Has A Payment Structure You Can Work With

There are many payment structures. Find out what the mediator charges and how much will they charge you. Is there a retainer for the mediator? Will they bill you per session or hourly? 

Make Your Selection About Divorce Mediation

Make Your Selection About Divorce Mediation

After you have met your candidates face-to-face, you will be able to compile a list with qualified candidates who can practice in an area that is convenient for both of you. Talk about them with your spouse to find one you feel comfortable with.

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