Divorce Ring to Celebrate New Beginnings

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Have you ever heard about the divorce ring? It might sound ridiculous as when you decided to leave your marriage, you thought you would never want to have any other rings. But this ring, in fact, is a symbol of the end of your marriage.

What Is a Divorce Ring?

A divorce ring, as mentioned above, symbolizes your divorce. But it does not mean to remind you of the pain of separation. Instead, this ring is worn to celebrate your independence, courage, strength, and individuality. It is a symbol of letting go of your baggage and taking the first steps toward embracing your new freedom.

Divorce Ring for a New Beginning

This purpose can be achieved with many types of rings. While some rings are very similar to traditional rings, others are more “broken”, which are incomplete circles that symbolize a broken relationship. Certain rings contain special quotes that motivate and inspire. Some rings have symbolic meanings. Your custom-made divorce ring could be possible. Whatever ring you choose it will lift your spirits and encourage you to be optimistic about the future.

What Does Divorce Ring Symbolize?

You thought your marriage would last forever when you stood at the altar and looked into your loved one’s eyes. Although you knew there were risks associated with divorce, you promised your partner that you would overcome them. You knew that weddings were supposed to be fairy tales and there was no reason to believe you wouldn’t live happily ever after.

Sometimes princes can turn back into frogs and fairy godmothers may fall asleep on the job. Wedding and engagement rings, once symbols of love, commitment, and loyalty, are now reminders of a sad reality.

You can become so used to your rings that it makes you feel naked. However, it is also possible to get too used to wearing them. This paradox can be overcome by getting a divorce ring to signify the start of your new life.

Divorce rings are more than just jewelry. It’s a symbol of the end of your marriage, and the beginning of a new chapter of your life where you are the center of attention. It signifies closure and lets the world know that you are ready for the next chapter of your life.

On Which Hand or Finger Do You Wear a Divorce Ring?

Which Hand or Finger Do You Wear a Divorce Ring
Which finger or hand should you wear the divorce ring?

When it comes to your divorcing ring, there are no rules. You can do what makes you happy. What works for you is what works.

You can wear your wedding ring if you are unable to wear it. Your engagement and wedding rings will be replaced by your divorce ring. It’s not called a “ring finger” for nothing. You can wear any ring on it. It will remind you that you’re starting afresh.

Some prefer to wear their divorcing rings on their middle finger, so it isn’t mistaken for a marriage ring. Others prefer to have it on their right ring finger. This allows the left hand to be free and shows the world they are ready to mix. It is ultimately your decision, as long as it is comfortable for you emotionally and physically.

Divorce Ring Styles and Inspirations

A divorce ring should have a design that can uplift your spirits and would leave you feeling positive and hopeful for the future. It should not make you feel bad about what has ended.

Symbolic Rings

A personal symbol can help you celebrate yourself. It should be a symbol that reveals your inner courage and shows everyone that you’re strong and independent.

Puzzle Rings

These kinds of rings symbolize overcoming the challenges of life. This would represent you fitting all the pieces of your new life together. 

Heart Rings

A heart design is a constant reminder to love yourself. You can design your ring with multiple hearts to remind yourself of your children and loved ones. 

Broken Rings

Rings with a gap at the center can represent the end of your marriage.

Motivational Rings

A motivational ring would show something straightforward. Motivational phrases, quotes, or song lyrics can help inspire you.

Ways to Repurpose a Wedding Ring

You may be in two minds about what you should do with your wedding and engagement rings. Some people keep theirs in a jewelry drawer or box, while others bury them or throw them off a cliff. It’s a bit extreme, but it conveys the message.

We won’t stop anyone who feels the need to do any of these things. Before you rush to do something extreme, consider all of your options. Instead of redesigning or repurposing your wedding or engagement rings, why not consider a different approach?

Before we go on, even though this may not be something that you are interested in one quick tip:

  • You might consider getting legal advice from a divorce attorney to determine if the rings are marital property, conditional gifts, or if they have become your marital assets. If the rings are a family heirloom, this could make things more complicated.

No matter what, make sure they are legally yours before you make your decision. But for now, let’s get onto the real fun stuff!

Turn It Into a Divorce Ring

You might not need to alter the design of your engagement ring if you like it. It could be worn on your right hand, where it won’t have the same significance.

A halo or side gemstone could be added to the setting. It will look more like a ring if you choose colorful gemstones to complement the original diamond.

You could also keep the setting, but replace the diamond with a different gemstone, such as a sapphire, ruby, or topaz. You can make your old ring look brand new by adding a little color.

Turn It Into Another Piece of Jewelry

You could also consider remaking your ring as a divorce ring. There are many options. You can use your ring central diamond or gemstone in any bracelet, anklet, or pendant.

If your ring contains a center diamond and at least two smaller ones, it can be easily made into a necklace with matching earrings. Your ring will sparkle even more!

Well, you can consider repurposing your wedding ring instead of just throwing it away!

Sell It

You might also consider selling your rings to buy a new piece. You can buy anything you want, it doesn’t have to be jewelry. However, you may find some satisfaction in buying something you could wear every day as a reminder that you let go of something you no longer needed.

Be aware that your rings may not be available for sale for the same price as you or your partner paid. However, we have some great tips to help you make sure you aren’t left behind.

We recommend selling your wedding jewelry online through Worthy instead of a pawnshop.

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