10 Helpful Divorced Mom Supports

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Mothers are doing everything: taking care of the children, managing their household, paying the bills, and making sure they have time to recharge and rest so that they can get up tomorrow ready to do it again. Here is a collection of resources that we have compiled for single, divorcing, and divorced mothers. We hope one or more of these divorced mom supports can help you relax and smile again.

Joining Circles.com Supports Divorced Mom

Do you wish you had more friends? Friends who understand you and provide the real support you need. Circles is an online emotional support platform that connects members with people in similar circumstances. Online meetings are a great way to meet new friends and gain support.

To find support groups that interest you, visit the Circles website. Click “Find Your Circle” and go to the Circles website. You will not only find support groups for divorce but also support groups that are open to people who are in narcissistic relationships or those suffering from grief and loss.

Do Tara Brach’s Meditations

Tara Brach is a psychologist, author, and teacher. She offers a variety of meditations for free online which supports divorced moms through stressful times. Working as both a psychotherapist and a meditation teacher, she found herself naturally blending these two powerful traditions. She introduces meditation to her therapy clients and shares western psychological insights with meditation students. Keep in mind, however, that this site is not meant to diagnose or treat any mental or physical condition. Relax, close your eyes, and let Tara’s voice guide you to calm and peace – Start with Letting go… Let be.

Housing Supports From HUD To Divorced Mom

Are you stressed about renting, homeownership, or any other aspect of housing? To help those in need, the U.S. Department of Housing and Development (HUD) exists. Click here for more information on HUD assistance in your area.

You can locate a HUD page for your state to find a housing counselor who will help you avoid foreclosure. Get the numbers of people who are able to help you find affordable multifamily housing. Learn about rent relief options, view HUD houses across the country, and find a shelter for the homeless near you.

Extra Cash From Worthy.com

Are you interested in selling your old diamonds? Worthy.com offers a simple way to get rid of your ring. You send your jewelry to Worthy via FedEx. They pay for shipping. Worthy will appraise the jewelry and invite you to set a reserve amount. After that, Worthy cleans and photographs the jewelry. You can then relax and watch online bidders compete for your old gems.

Legal Help From The American Bar Association

The American Bar Association may offer low-cost, or even free, help to low-income mothers who need help with their divorce or other legal matters. To connect with pro bono lawyers, lawyers who offer free legal advice, visit their website.

  • Legal Aid – Federally funded legal service offices have lawyers helping low-income individuals with their legal issues.
  • Pro Bono – Pro bono programs connect low-income clients to volunteer lawyers who will take their cases for free.
  • Free Legal Solutions – An online pro bono program that matches low-income clients and volunteer lawyers who will provide short answers online.

Tax Helps And Support Through VITA For Divorced Mom

If you are overwhelmed by the idea of filing your tax returns and earning less than $58,000 per annum, then Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA), can help. VITA offers tax preparation assistance for those with household incomes below $58,000.

Visit your local help center to work with an IRS-certified volunteer. Contact IRS to find the nearest help center. Enter your ZIP code to learn more about where and what you can expect. For more information, call 1-800-906-9887.

Move On With Onward

Although home is where your heart is, it can be difficult to find where you should call home after a split. Onward, an online concierge service assists clients in relocating. Onward is an online concierge service that assists clients with relocation.

They help coordinate everything, from the housing search to the actual move, address, and utility changes, furnishing purchases, and installations. They can match you with the right support services, including financial and legal tools, therapist matchmaking, and legal advice.

Positive Daily Affirmations

Do you want to begin each day with little optimism? This simple but effective app is available for both Android and Apple devices. Although it’s free, some apps may require you to purchase in-app items. 

Ask Others’ Opinions At Loveshack.Org

LoveShack.org encourages collaboration and provides support for those who need advice or want to listen. Volunteers and others are available to offer feedback and help with any socially-oriented questions or problems you might have. They will do their best for you to find the answers you seek, and encourage you to learn from others.

It is a place for people to explore the intricacies of interpersonal relationships. It has since become a hub for a global community that seeks to understand and connect with one another.

Join A Facebook Group That Supports A Single, Or Divorced Mom

You’ll find great content in your Facebook feed if you keep it up. You can add groups to your feed and see posts that will encourage you to be financially successful as a single mother.

Because people want to be there, groups are very effective. A Facebook group can help you build a tight-knit community. You can share content from guides and blog posts to funny memes, stories, and other information. 

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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