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Medicare is one of the most well-known federal health insurance programs. It’s for people over 65 years old. Diverse parts of the program provide coverage for different healthcare services and treatments. But does Medicare cover chiropractors?

Does Medicare Cover Chiropractors?

Chiropractic care can be used to treat many disorders, for emusculoskeletal issues such as neck and back pain.. According to the American Chiropractic Association, around 80% of people experience back pain in their lifetime. Chiropractic care is increasingly used to treat Many highly qualified and trained chiropractors have been successful in treating chronic headaches.

Medicare provides coverage for many types of chiropractic services. So, you should check if your Medicare covers chiropractic services if you suffer from headaches or chronic pain.

Which Medicare Plans Cover Chiropractic Treatment?

Medicare Part A

You should be aware that it does not cover chiropractic care if you have Medicare Part A coverage.

Medicare A is primarily designed to cover hospital care. Because chiropractic care is a healthcare service and not an emergency procedure performed in a doctor’s office setting, Medicare Part A does not cover it.

Medicare Part B

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Medicare Part B covers essential medical services such as preventive and immediate care.

Preventive care is a term that can seem vague at times. Medicare covers mental health treatment, flu shots, and visits to the doctor for any services covered under preventive.

Medicare Part B won’t cover spinal alignment (manipulation) if you have a spinal subluxation. Also, the number of treatments needed to treat your condition is considered if chiropractic care is covered by Medicare Part B.

Medicare Part B, if you are eligible, will cover approximately 80% of the cost of chiropractic treatment. However, this is after you have met the deductible.

Remember that Medicare Part B does not cover diagnostic tests such as x-rays ordered by your chiropractor.

The US House of Representatives also introduced a bill to add additional chiropractic treatments to Medicare Part B. But it is still waiting for approval.

Medicare Part C

Private health insurance providers offer Medicare Advantage (MA) or better known as Medicare Part C.

The federal government may approve these plans, which cover additional treatment costs that are not in Medicare Part A or Part B. These plans can be your primary insurance.

While certain Medicare Part C plans may cover chiropractic treatment costs, each plan offers its own unique benefits. Some Medicare Part C plans might cover the cost for spinal manipulation.

Do your research to find out which Medicare Part C plan covers advanced chiropractic care.

Medicare Supplement Plans OR Medigap

Medicare Supplement Insurance plans (Medigap Plan) are available as an addition to Original Medicare. So, Medigap policies cover copayments and deductibles.

You will only need to pay 20% of your Original Medicare to cover chiropractic treatment costs. However, if you purchase a Medicare Supplement plan, it will cover the entire cost of chiropractic care.

Which is the Best Medicare Plan to Cover Chiropractors?

You should realize that Medicare will only cover spinal subluxation if you need chiropractic care frequently.

You are responsible for paying the entire cost of treatment unless you meet your annual deductibles.  Medicare Advantage and Medigap only cover some chiropractic care. You cannot have both, so you must choose between Medicare Advantage or Medigap coverage.


Medicare covers the cost of chiropractic visits and has recently started to cover manual manipulation of your spine. The Medicare Part B policy covers chiropractic care, while Medigap or Medicare Advantage plans cover significant chiropractic care costs.

Besides Medicare, if you wonder the same question for Medicaid Insurance Plan, the answer lies in our article “Does Medicaid Pay For Chiropractors?“.

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