Does Walgreens Take Food Stamps?

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There are many stores accept EBT Cards and Food Stamps like 7-eleven, Schwan’s, and even Dollar Tree. But how about Walgreens? Walgreens is second in drugstore sales behind CVS. They specialize in prescription filling and health and wellness products. Its pharmacy chain chains have been helping Americans live healthier, happier lives since opening. They are their first choice for pharmacy, beauty, and well-being. Does Walgreens Take Food Stamps?

The store doubles as a grocery shop, selling general merchandise as well as food products like fresh and frozen packaged groceries. You are sure to find a Walgreens store in your locality with over 9,722 Walgreens locations across the US.

Does Walgreens take Food Stamps?

Walgreens is not participating in the USDA EBT pilot program. This program will allow SNAP recipients to purchase groceries online by adding EBT as an online payment option in all states. EBT cards are not accepted at Walgreens stores for in-store purchase. You can’t order groceries or prescription delivery online with an EBT card.

However, your EBT card cannot be used at Walgreens to buy SNAP-eligible food items such as discount meats, breads, cereals, and snacks.

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Does Walgreens Accept WIC?

Walgreens is the only place that accepts WIC benefits, just like EBT. To find out if your local Walgreens accepts WIC checks or cards, you will need to call the store. About half of Walgreens locations accept EBT and WIC benefits. Before accepting WIC and SNAP, stores must be WIC-authorized in the state they are located.

What is WIC?

What is WIC?

WIC stands to represent Women, Infants and Children. It is a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that provides nutritional benefits to infants and toddlers who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as women and children below five years of age. Different states offer WIC benefits via checks, EBT cards or direct delivery to beneficiaries’ homes.

To find out if a Walgreens accepts WIC, call them directly or contact your local WIC agency to get a list of approved brands and retailers in your area.

It is easy to purchase WIC approved items. Simply bring your card to the counter, and then swipe it at the payment counter. To complete your payment, enter your PIN. When giving a WIC check to the cashier, ensure that it is current.

Walgreens will not give you cash back if your EBT card isn’t in use. Walgreens can only sell WIC-eligible food products. WIC funds cannot be redeemed for medicine, vitamins, or supplements. You must have an alternate payment method, such as cash or a debit/credit card, if you want to purchase WIC-prohibited goods.

Items you can purchase with WIC benefits at Walgreens:

  • Infant formulas
  • Infant cereals
  • Milk, juice, and cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Peanut butter
  • Canned fish and beans
  • Baby food containing vegetables, fruits, and meat

Bakeries accept EBT cards, so you can redeem your WIC benefits for bakery goods such as custom cakes, donuts and cookies.

Other Places That Take EBT Food Stamps Besides Walgreens

Walgreens doubles as a pharmacy and convenience store. You can pick up prescriptions and grab some groceries at Walgreens. Walgreens doesn’t have a grocery store or supermarket that stocks a wide range of groceries products so you will be restricted in what you can purchase there.

There are only a few items that are SNAP-eligible, such as dairy products, bread, and canned, frozen foods, in the stores. It may not be a good place to look for the cheapest food you can buy with your SNAP funds.

Are there other places that take food stamps?

Yes! You can also spend your SNAP benefits in other places like bakeries, grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, farmer’s markets, warehouse clubs such as Sam’s Club, or at a meal delivery kit.

Can You Return Food Bought with EBT at Walgreens?

You can exchange or return food purchased using an EBT card within 30 days. SNAP states that customers should be treated the same as other customers and must follow the same return policies as all others.

You will be refunded the original payment method and original receipt. The lowest price advertised without receipt will be credited to your account. For all returns, you will need to have a valid photo ID. This includes a US State ID, US driver’s license or US military ID.

Does Walgreen Take EBT For Online Orders?

Does Walgreen Take Ebt For Online Orders

Walgreen does not accept EBT cards yet for online orders. Stores hat participate in USDA’s Online Purchasing Pilot program can accept EBT cards. Walgreens has yet to sign up for one.

You can still order online with your EBT by using Amazon’s grocery delivery services. Amazon’s reputation and network ensures that the service is reliable, quick, and available in every area. The best thing about Amazon is that EBT holders get an additional 15% off their purchases. InstaCart offers grocery delivery and accepts EBT but not Walgreens.

What If You Don’t Have Enough Balance On Your EBT Card?

Although you might not have enough balance on your EBT card for the entire order, that doesn’t mean you cannot use it. You can pay as much as you want with your EBT card and then use any other accepted payment method to cover the rest.

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