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Best Emergency Phone for Your Child Safety

Last Updated on November 27, 2022 by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Child’s safety is the number one concern of parents. It is impossible to see their every move. It is impossible to tell if they are safe if you are not there. You should consider giving your child an emergency phone in such cases.

You might be having second thoughts about giving phones to children. Is this the right age for my child to get a phone? What happens if they spend hours on screen time together? How can I control my child if they’re addicted to social media? While it is important to be alert before you give a phone, there are no problems with having emergency phones for children.

There are many emergency phones for smart kids. Let’s first learn about emergency phones and then decide if you want to give them to your children.

What Is An Emergency Cell Phone For Child?

An emergency cell phone acts as a communication channel with your family and friends in times of crisis or when you’re stuck in a dilemma. Access to the internet, social media, or any other application is not possible. You can only communicate via text messages and phone calls, but you cannot access the internet.

Emergency Cell Phone for Child

When it comes to communication, the phones are extremely reliable. It is durable and very affordable. You don’t have to worry about the battery life. Emergency phones are ideal for keeping up with loved ones’ whereabouts, especially for parents and children.

Why Do Your Child Needs An Emergency Cell Phone?

These emergency cell phones can be a lifesaver for children and are a great option. You can ring them or send a text message if they are having trouble. You can also update them if you are unable or unwilling to reach them to pick them up at school, play area and friend’s homes, or daycare.

Emergency phones that are specifically designed for children have parental control functions. You can include a few emergency numbers that your children prefer to use when in danger. Your child can be reached if they are in danger, need medical attention, lost their way or misplaced school supplies.

Best Emergency Phones For Child

There are many types of emergency phones you could consider gifting to your child. Here are the top 5 best emergency phones for children. Keep in touch with us to find the right one for you.

1. Relay Screenless Phone

Relay Screenless Phone

Relay is the first emergency phone best for children, it is also completely screen-less and water-resistant. The Relay can be attached to the backpack or clothing of your child and you can connect whenever there is an emergency. To establish communication with your child, you will need to download an app and create an account for Relay.

Relay’s best feature is the fact that your child doesn’t have to spend too much time on their computer screen. Relay doesn’t have internet access so your child can’t use any apps or browse the internet. You can also keep track of your child’s location and make emergency calls. Relay costs $35


  • Relay is easy to use.
  • The screenless phone of Relay Kid is water-resistant.
  • The battery life of the emergency phone is long-lasting and affordable.
  • It is impossible to reduce screen time with internet access.


  • Relay is not easy to set up and you will need to sign up each month for a Relay account, which costs $10.
  • GPS tracking is often delayed.

2. Jitterbug

Jitterbug emergency phone for child

Jitterbug is another reliable phone for children for emergency purposes. Although it is for seniors in case of emergencies, it is equally useful for children in emergency situations.

Jitterbug is not recommended for children who aren’t technologically proficient. The phone’s large screen and navigation options make it easy to use. You can also disable certain features that you don’t wish your children to use. Jitterbug can be purchased for $74.99


  • There are no geographical boundaries to the network.
  • Jitterbug’s navigation options make it easy to navigate.
  • A monthly plan can be purchased for text, talk, or data. You can cancel at any time.


  • Sometimes, the selected subscription plan for text messages or talk time might not be enough and expires too early.
  • Your child will not be able to take pictures because there is no camera built in.
  • Battery life is usually shorter and not water-resistant.

3. Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 is a great option for a simple, inexpensive phone that your child can use in an emergency. This phone is durable. You can reach your children by text message or phone in an emergency.

Nokia 3310 allows your child to listen to music. You can still connect to the internet using 2G. However, your child doesn’t need to make in-app purchases or sign up for social media. This is because the internet is too slow to be used. A Nokia 3310 costs $84.59


  • Nokia 3310 is a handy phone with a long-lasting battery that can last for several weeks.
  • Instant phone calls can be made and texts sent.
  • It’s easy to use and has additional play music options.


  • Nokia 3310 is quite expensive.
  • Your kid may use Twitter or Facebook because they can connect to the internet.

4. KidsConnect KC2

KidsConnect KC2

KidsConnect KC2 provides another option as an emergency contact/phone for your child. It is easier to call an emergency contact from the phone without having to worry about any barriers. To allow them to call or send a text message when they are in trouble, you can create a contact list for Kids Connect KC2.

KidsConnect KC2’s best feature is the SOS button. It also has a GPS location tracking feature. This allows you to share real-time locations. You can also view your child’s location history anytime you wish. KidsConnect KC2 costs $89.95


  • When they need help or are experiencing difficulties, children can reach you via the SOS button.
  • You can program any contact you wish to have your children connect with.
  • You can track your children’s location with GPS tracking.


  • None of the apps for smartphones can be used.
  • The interface of KidsConnect KC2 generally is not very good.

5. Gabb Phone Z2

Gabb Phone Z2

Gabb Z2 is the next emergency phone that child can use to connect with their family. These phones also do not have an internet connection or access to any social media apps. Your kids are safe from

any digital addiction or threats. No more headaches due to prolonged screen time without internet or mobile access.

Gabb Z2 gives your child the feeling of a smartphone with its design and built-in camera. You can take pictures and record videos. The battery life of the emergency phone is also longer. Gabb Phone Z2 costs $99.99


  • Gabb Z2 does not have an internet connection or games, which reduces screen time.
  • Cyberbullying and viewing sensitive material are still threats.
  • To make an emergency contact, you can use the SOS button
  • You can also track your GPS location to see the current location and past location history.


  • Parents cannot monitor their children’s phone calls.
  • It is not water-resistant, and does not have parental control.

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