Where Faith and Finance Meet for Single Moms

When I placed the three one-hundred dollar bills in the envelope and went to the produce store to buy fruits and vegetables, the cash felt good.

No … it actually felt great.

That is the thing about holding onto actual money. Although it is a tool and only a tool, it can create feelings within a person that extend beyond joy. Peace. Gratitude. Desire. And each bill has a smell. Money can tantalize the senses for better and for worse.

faith and finances

The prescription for stress:  Feel the cash

For single moms who are stressed trying to make ends meet, holding onto pure cash creates a sense of abundance far more than holding onto a checkbook filled with empty checks and an ink pen. There is no feeling of poverty.

Stepping up to the register after my son and I picked out our necessities – green and red peppers, an eggplant which I know he will not eat, his favorite kind of apples, some lettuce – I looked into my envelope. The $300 in cash was still there.

I sighed.

“Could you break a $100 bill?” I cannot recall the last time I asked a cashier that.

She fretted, and then said, “Sure.”

When she finished ringing me up and handed me back my change, the number of bills she handed me looked enormous. A single debit or credit card does not look that way, I think. I do not feel as much joy holding that plastic as I do all that cash.

Does money have a spiritual aspect to it?

That is why I think there is an immense spiritual aspect to being able to hold actual cash rather than using plastic while shopping. I think it is where faith and finance meet as abundance, joy and peace bubble up from within.

When I scouted around for reference, I chose to look the idea up in the Bible and found the Scripture reference to what the fruits of the Spirit are. I think it goes with the theme. The reference is found in Galatians 5:22-23,

But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Here, Paul was writing in his letter to the Galatians about the true nature of living a Christian life. I think it is applicable to offer this verse to us single moms as it relates to our money lives, too.

When we apply these fruits to our money lives, we can experience joy and peace in our finances.

The shift in behavior is worth it

Try it. Imagine having cash in hand and not using plastic of any kind and noticing how your body feels when holding onto it before purchasing an item. Be faithful to stick to the list you intended to shop with and impart self-control throughout the store.

You will love how you feel when you check out at the register and the deep sense of peace you have on your ride home with kids in tow, grocery bags filled.

I know I did.

Image Credit by kristenlavalley

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