Stop Feeling Unworthy Of Love

Stop Feeling Unworthy Of Love and Damaging Your Relationship

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Many of the experiences that we have as children, teens, and adults can make us feel unworthy. It is not the same feeling for everyone. It all depends on where this draining feeling comes from. Consider the possible reasons for feeling unworthy of love. Then, follow our advice to get rid of this feeling and achieve freedom.

How to Stop Feeling Unworthy of Love

Take Your Mask Off

Take Your Mask Off

You might think that in order to attract a partner and make them love you, you must pretend to be perfect. This includes looking good, being charming, funny, clever, smart, and engaging. These tactics may appeal to potential partners. It might be enough to make them want to get to know you and possibly even to date you. However, none of this will make their hearts soften or cause them to fall in love with you.

Loving partners will care less about your degrees or how much money you make, and more about whether you are passionate about the work you do. Loving partners don’t care about how many facts you can recall. While they may enjoy you being around them and your ability to engage in conversation, it won’t make them feel anything for you.

To win a partner’s trust and heart, you must make them feel comfortable enough to express their authentic self. That is possible by feeling secure enough to express yourself without permission. If you don’t communicate that your skin is comfortable, it’s unlikely that this partner will feel safe and secure opening up to you.

Get in touch with your own feelings to stop feeling unworthy of love

Many people pretend to feel loveless and numb their emotions. A loving partner will want to know why you are angry, when you are angry, and why. What happens when you act one way and feel another? That’s right, drama. If they believe you are angry but you don’t know why, they may think you are trying to make them feel better.

Your verbal and energetic expressions will be in conflict, which is the root of drama conflict. This type of drama can be so irritating because it keeps your partner away and makes it difficult to get along with them. They can’t get to “the real you”, so there is no glue that will hold them in place. And they end up leaving you.

Let them know what you feel and let go of any fear that they might reject you. You can reconnect with your emotions and allow them to love you as you are.

Be Open To Meeting Someone With The Same Level Of Consciousness

Be Open To Meeting Someone With The Same Level Of Consciousness

Partner relationships in which the partners are inspired to work together, rather than a need to fill up with fear. This partner already has a higher consciousness and is seeking purposeful building. There is no drama, no chasing, no acts or games.

Finding a partner who is willing to share your feelings is key to receiving and feeling worthy of love. To attract such a partner, you must be open to meeting them.

It’s all about finding your authentic self, realizing that you are worthy of love, and being loved. This is the foundation for a relationship that’s not soul-sucking or anxious-ridden but instead offers the ideal space for self-growth, joy, and happiness.

How Can We Embrace Vulnerability In Order To Stop Feeling Unworthy Of Love?

Key elements that can help people accept vulnerability, live fully, and feel worthy:

  1. To allow ourselves to be seen deeply, vulnerably, and seen.
  2. To love with all our hearts, even if there is no guarantee.
  3. To feel gratitude and joy even in times of terror.
  4. To believe we are enough.

How Can You Practice Gratitude And Joy During Moments Of Terror?

Practice Gratitude And Joy

That feeling of being overwhelmed by emotion and needing support? The rocks we hold onto when we are upset are not always ones of logic. Instead of being vulnerable with our uncertainty, instead we insist that we know. We are more confident the more vulnerable we become. This is evident in matters such as philosophy, religion, and politics. It also works in relationships.

How Can You Find Joy In Uncertainty?

It is so hard to keep it coming back to death. But what is life if there is no death? Isn’t it true that death is the only certainty in life? Perhaps finding joy in the uncertainty of life is about being grateful that it’s not the only option. Perhaps the answer is to simply take a moment and breathe. To appreciate the breath and the life that it brings.

Eventually, maybe after enough deep breathing, the joys and gratitude of living will replace your fear. You’ll then feel so much love and gratitude for being alive that you will feel worthy of loving simply because you’re alive.

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