Financial Assistance for Dialysis Patients – Housing Grants

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There are housing grants available for dialysis patients. However, they must have insurance.

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What Housing Grants for Dialysis Patients are Available?

The kidneys are an essential organ of the human body. The kidneys are responsible for filtering blood and removing wastes. It controls fluid levels in the body. It also manages salt, water and other minerals necessary for various organs in the body.

What is Dialysis?

Dialysis is a costly treatment for kidney failure.

People who cannot afford to travel can apply for special housing grants that the government provides for kidney patients. Your healthcare provider will recommend preparing for dialysis if you have a renal problem.

It would be a good idea to have dialysis performed once or twice per week, depending on the state of your kidneys or as recommended by your doctor. Housing grants are available for dialysis patients who have insurance but cannot pay their premiums.

Housing Programs for Kidney Patients

In short, housing programs are for the homeless or those living below the poverty line. These programs may help them live in their own homes and cure life-threatening illnesses.

Housing grants for kidney patients can only be granted to patients with kidney disease. A housing grant can be granted to someone with a kidney disease who cannot afford a rental house.

Health Condition of Dialysis Patients

Patients with kidney failure must receive the dialysis recommended by their healthcare provider. Because of their complex medical condition, they are not allowed to travel. These people may not be able to afford costly rentals of homes.

They are in desperate need of shelter for a short time. Many dialysis organizations offer housing grants to help homeless patients and their families.

What Does a Housing Grants for Dialysis Patients Include?

Dialysis patients must go to a particular hospital for their dialysis treatment. Patients must go to the hospital every two days or three times a week for one dialysis.

Special discounts and vouchers are available for patients who qualify for housing grant programs. Discount vouchers are not only for housing, but also include housing assistance, and special medical assistance. This organization provides a whole building and has provided special grants to such patients. Through such programs, patients can get dialysis treatment in their own homes.

Most dialysis patients in the United States are unaware of these programs. These patients end up borrowing money or spending more on their savings to pay for dialysis.

Housing grants for dialysis patients include all multi-dispensary services and supportive housing for homeless persons or people who live far from home.

What Does A Housing Grants For Dialysis Patients Include

Tips to Get Housing Grant for Dialysis Patient

Because organizations don’t have much funds to pay for such grants, they require patients to complete an application process in order to be eligible for a housing grant. These tips will help you apply for a housing grant.

Two government-backed departments are responsible for funding housing grants and programs. Housing and Urban Development and Department of Health and Human Services. Some CMS are also willing to provide additional funds for patients in this cause.

Visit the HUD section of the government to apply for a housing grant. Agents can offer their services at affordable rates to help patients get the housing grant. You can quickly obtain the housing grant, depending on your knowledge.

Attach all required documents as per the application form. Missing required files would result to rejection of your application. All required documentation and proofs must be submitted again to the Housing Grant office.


No matter where you live, you’ll have to face many difficulties if someone in your family has ESRD. As they are financially poor, those without a home will face even more difficulties.

Housing grants are available to help and provide housing support. If you need financial assistance for dialysis treatment, gather all information and apply for these grants.

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