Government grants and financial assistance program for women

Financial Assistance Programs for Women

Women, especially single moms, often need government grants to get by. Because every day, there are women around the country who struggle to pay their bills. Therefore, these organizations can be of assistance.

To find help in your area, please read on.

Government Grants for Women

Help with Food

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) is a program that provides food and other services to pregnant women. Upon birth, the benefits are passed to the children and are available until the child hits the age of five. Each state has a unique phone number that you can find here.

Help with Shelter and Housing

HUD helps low-income people, the elderly, and the disabled find affordable housing. They have both private, affordable housing and public housing. You can contact their main office by dialing (202) 708-1112.

HUD distributes Section 8 vouchers to families in need of financial aid to pay their rent. This helps you put a set amount of money into your monthly living expenses. By calling 1 (800) 955-2232, you will learn more about the application process.

Help with Energy and Utilities

Net Wish distributes gifts, pre-paid cards, and other forms of support to families who cannot pay their bills. On their website, they accept requests for assistance.

LIHEAP is a government service that supports individuals who are having trouble paying their utility bills. To be qualified, you must meet certain income requirements. Calling (202) 401-9351 will provide you with more detail.

Help with Telephone and Internet Bills

Lifeline is a government initiative that assists with the expense of home or wireless phone service and internet access. To see if you qualify, contact your phone provider.

Help with Childcare

The Child Care and Development Fund provides financial assistance to families who need assistance with child care costs while they operate. Call (202) 690-6782 for more information.

Help with Medical and Dental Care

HeathWell Foundation offers cash grants or financial assistance to those willing to help pay for health insurance and medical expenses. The number to call is (800) 675-8413.

Help with Legal Matters is a website where women in need of legal advice can find a lawyer who can support them for free. Lawyers can be identified by looking up the name of your state. For more questions, you can call them at (212) 760-2554.

Help with Financial Counseling

Women’s Institute for Financial Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that women have access to the information they need to be financially self-sufficient. Call (858) 524-0955 to get in contact with them.

State Farm offers OnTrack Financial Education & Counseling as a free service. They provide financial education and therapy to women. For more details, call (828) 255-5166.

Help From Other Groups

Women needing additional help should switch to the Women’s Center for therapy and education. They take health insurance and have reasonable prices. You can reach them at (703) 281-2657.

Women For Sobriety, Inc. is a non-profit organization supporting women dealing with alcoholism and other addictive habits. Therefore, fill out their contact form or call (215) 536-8026 to get in touch with them.

In conclusion, if you’re a woman struggling to make ends meet, get in touch with one of these organizations, which can help you in various ways.

Financial Help for Specific Groups of Women

We’ve made a list of all the specific groups of women that can find assistance from the government in many ways. You are welcome to follow any of the appropriate links below.

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