Best First Child Tattoo Idea for Mom

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As tattoos gain popularity and are less stigmatized, more people consider getting their first or tenth tattoo. It can be difficult to make the leap. Many people desire tattoos that truly mean something. It can be daunting to make the decision. Motherhood is one of the most rewarding experiences you can imagine. But, you don’t know what tattoo you should get. So, here are the list of first child tattoo idea for mom.

First Child Tattoo Idea for Mom

First Child Tattoo Idea for Mom

Get geographical

Take some inspiration from Angelina Jolie. A latitude-longitude marker of the birthplace of your baby marks the moment in your life that changed everything.

Motivation for Mandala

Mandala tattoos have become very popular. The possibilities are limitless. This motherhood-themed mandala is a favorite of ours. It can be personalized to reflect your child.

Favorite photo

A photo of your and your baby taken in an authentic, loving moment. You might consider bringing it to a tattoo artist, who will transform it into an original and artistic drawing.

A Tribute As First Child Tattoo Idea for Mom

A tattoo as a tribute to your motherhood experience, or miscarriage might be an appropriate way to remember it.


If words are difficult to find, abstract images of motherhood, breastfeeding, and all the other mama-things that you do can help you put your thoughts into ink.


Footprint tattoo

It’s easy to see why tattoos with baby footprints are so popular. Your artist can create a unique piece for you by giving your child’s birth certificate.

Flower power

Every month has a symbolic flower associated with it. Why not pick the birth month flower of your child for your permanent body art? Flowers are timeless and can be added to if you grow your family.

Your Child Can Design First Tattoo for Mom

Everybody has a favorite piece of art that brings joy to their eyes.

Represent your growth

Motherhood is a journey that changes us forever. We never “arrive” fully. Your motherhood journey can be represented in a tattoo. It may serve as a reminder of your past and help you to keep your eyes open for the future.


A tattoo with your child’s Zodiac sign can be a subtle way of marking the moment when the stars aligned and your precious babe entered the world to make a difference in your life.

Meaningful words for First Child Tattoo Idea for Mom

Meaningful words for First Child Tattoo Idea for Mom
Source: Our Mindful Life

A tattoo can help you to remember the most important values in your life. Calligraphy is a specialty that an artist can do. Get your mantra permanently etched so you can see it every day.


Tattoos are endless. Although you may not have a clear idea, you can think of images and ideas that represent what motherhood means to you. You can play with the possibilities of how you and your artist friend could collaborate. If you’re not artistic, share your ideas with a tattoo artist to let them create their masterpiece.

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Lori Pace

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