How To Get A Free Gas Card Or Voucher

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Last month saw a record high price hike for regular unleaded gas in the US. The national average was at $3.02 per gallon, and prices are expected to go higher. Finding or getting free gas cards can quite literally be the saving grace for many low-income families these days.

The expenses of most families are getting higher and higher. If a family relies on a car to get around, then the need for gas is unavoidable. Various organizations like Free Gas USA offer free gas cards to the needy. You can also find car vouchers for single mothers at the provided link.

Gas cards and general transportation assistance benefit low-income individuals, families, and the unemployed. You can either save money from your fuel expenses or spend less on fuel to cover your other expenses.

How To Get A Free Gas Cards For Low-Income Families

How To Get A Free Gas Cards For Low Income Families
  1. Take part in online activities like surveys, online shopping, watching videos, etc.
  2. Enter various instant win games and sweepstakes that offer free gas as a reward.
  3. Keep your eyes open for travel promotions at B&Bs, gas stations, and restaurants.
  4. Display ads on your car (car wrapping) and earn as you drive.
  5. Apply for free gas assistance programs by different governmental and non-governmental organizations

What Is Gas Vouchers Or Cards?

Free gas cards for the needy are a form of transportation assistance offered by organizations to help with the purchase of fuel for their mobility needs like attending a job interview, going to work, going to medical appointments, etc. 

Generally, the gas vouchers can only be used to buy gas and may have a limit to the amount of fuel you may buy. To apply for such help, you may be required to have a referral agency.

Where To Get Free Gas Cards 2024?

Gas cards for the unemployed, low-income families, etc.,, can be accessed online. Here are a few websites where you can get free gas cards online and in your local area based on need or merit.

Need-Based Gas Vouchers For Low-Income Families

Need Based Gas Vouchers For Low Income Families

If you are unemployed, disabled, low-income, or already receive government assistance. Several organizations help by providing gas assistance.

Free Gas USA Inc.

Free Gas USA is a non-profit organization and a branch of Baptism USA Ministries. This organization helps low-income families all over America with free online gas cards every month. This is possible through various forms of funding which includes donations. Recipients of this assistance will get free gas cards worth up to $1200.

You must be an American citizen, have a referral agency, and complete your Free Gas USA Inc. application online for consideration.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army betters the lives of the most deserving individuals in society. They achieve this mission by helping families pay utility bills and meet their daily needs. One of the ways they do this is by offering free gas vouchers for those in need.

For help, contact your local Salvation Army center to see if this assistance is available in your area.

Catholic Charities

Some Catholic churches help needy people meet their daily needs. These religious organizations also help by providing free gas cards for the needy. This is a faith-based organization like Salvation Army and offers various financial assistance. This includes helping low-income families with the purchasing of gas.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

If you are already on any other government assistance programs and are on Medicaid, you can qualify for this program. In addition, you can get free gas vouchers in the case that you need to attend medical appointments that aren’t an emergency. This reimbursement program allows you and your dependents to attend a doctor’s appointment by covering your transportation costs.

You will receive special consideration if you are on Medicaid. Contact the phone number on the back of your Medicaid card and provide the service representative with the details for your next appointment. Once approved, a debit card will be mailed to your postal address and can be used for your next appointment.

Merit-Based Gas Assistance Programs And Vouchers

You can earn points towards getting free gas vouchers and free gas cards by performing tasks. The organizations below offer different rewards and provide free gas.

Gas for Help

Gas for Help provides free gasoline vouchers for approved low-income individuals. This is the only organization that provides free gas cards without income requirements, making it perfect for the unemployed to qualify for this assistance. Drive for 1000 miles a month while displaying ads on your vehicle and earn between $5-$200 towards your fuel redeemable at any gas station.


Swagbucks gives free gas cards for the unemployed who complete certain online tasks. For example, you can take part in a survey, watch videos, shop online, etc. You can get up to $5 through this platform which means more money off your fuel.

If you are a survey junkie, this is a great way to save money by getting free fuel. You can also earn points by using gift cards and these points can be redeemable through free fuel and cashback into your pocket.


Kroger offers you the opportunity to earn and redeem a free Shell gas card. This program makes it easy for you to earn points and get free gas cards. You can save money on your groceries or get a free gas card to use at gas stations.

There is enough help for low-income families who are in need. Free gas cards and vouchers are available through many platforms and organizations like those mentioned above. Based on need and merit, you can also decide which suits you best.

However, it is important to understand that to increase your chances of getting help, and you need to apply to more than one program and give time and energy to accumulating the necessary points to get free gas.

In conclusion, take advantage of these amazing opportunities and use these gas cards or vouchers to attend job interviews, go grocery shopping, drive the kids to and from school, etc.

There are also various assistance programs over and above helping you buy gas that will go a long way in helping you live better and stress-free. You can also get free beds, or even housing grants, free laptops, free gas, free cars, etc, for low-income families.

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