Free Government Grants For Cancer Patients

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Free grant money may be a solution if you have difficulty paying for your treatment or personal expenses. There are many non-profit, private organizations that offer grants to patients with cancer. All government programs and grants listed below are available to American cancer patients and their families, for free. There is no application fee and all are free to apply.

These listings are updated every day and include both private and nonprofit organizations that aim to help patients with cancer by providing grants for free. Grants are money or goods that don’t have to be returned and are given by the agencies listed below to ease the financial burden of a diagnosis. Apply for grants without paying a fee. These grants range in value from $200 to $5000. For more information, please see the descriptions below.

Some Free Government Grants For Cancer Patients

Some Free Government Grants For Cancer Patients

Cancer Cartel Grant Program

The Cancer Cartel grants grants to patients with cancer in the USA. This grant program provides funding for unmet costs such as housing, food, fuel/lodging, and childcare.

FLB Cassandra Grants Free Government Grants For Cancer Patients

Phone: (626) 628-8310

The Foundation for Living Beauty Cassandra Grant provides financial assistance to women living with cancer in the USA. Women with cancer can apply for up $500 per year.

Join the Flock Housing Grant Program


Join the Flock, a national non-profit organization, provides financial assistance to families affected by cancer through the gift of mortgage payment grants.

Vital Options International Grant Program

Phone: (800) 518-2354

The Selma Schimmel Vital Grant Program is a program of Vital Options International and its partners that awards money to help people who are in financial difficulty due to serious illnesses such as cancer. The financial need of the recipient will determine which grant award is best.

National Cancer Assistance Foundation Grants

Phone: (866) 413-5789

Financial assistance grants to cover the non-medical expenses of treating a patient and other living expenses. For a family of four, the applicant must reside in the USA and have an annual income of not more than $77,000. Application can be downloaded here in PDF form: and when completed faxed to (941) 296-7638.

1 Upon Cancer Grants Free Government Grants For Cancer Patients

Grants for direct financial assistance to adults in the United States who are currently undergoing any type or treatment for cancer and have difficulty covering their medical expenses. Grants are paid directly towards the program or agency that provides the medical services, and not to the patient. The amount of the grant will vary depending on current funding and need. Applications are accepted on a quarterly basis.

Pet Assistance & Wellness Grant

Phone: (800) 813-4673 (M-Th 10AM-6PM, Fri 10AM-5PM ET)

CancerCare offers a free grant program to help patients with active cancer in the USA. It covers pet-related expenses such as food, pet walking and pet sitting. You can find out more. Financial need is the only criteria for eligibility.

Modest Needs Foundation

Phone: (844) 667-3776

This organization provides short-term financial aid to families and individuals in temporary crises. Although the amount granted varies depending on applicant circumstances, it is usually between $750.00 to $1,250 according to their website.

Modest Needs Foundation

Cancer-Related Behavioral Health Fund

Phone: (800) 675-8416

This grant program funds unreimbursed counseling and transportation costs to address cancer-related behavioral health problems. All applicants must be residents of the USA and have a household income of not more than 500% of Federal poverty level. Maximum award: $2000 per annum.

Family Reach Emergency Relief Grant Fund

Phone: (973) 394-1411

Family Reach Emergency Relief Grant Fund provides non-medical assistance to patients with cancer in the USA. It covers expenses like mortgage payments, utility bills, food, and transportation. All applicants must be less than one year since their last treatment. They also need to prove financial need. To be eligible, your doctor must submit documentation.

More Moments More Memories Clinical Trials Fund

Funding for clinical trials in the USA. Financial need is the only criteria for eligibility. To be eligible, applicants must earn at least 500% of FPL. To be eligible for clinical trial treatment, applicants must reside in the United States. Travel costs to the clinical trial site by auto, air or bus, lodging costs during travel, and food allowances during treatment and travel are all covered. Download the application.

Fighters 4 Life Grant Program Free Government Grants For Cancer Patients

Phone: (661) 390-8410

Fighters 4 Life grants cancer patients in the USA with financial assistance to pay for their living costs, including rent, mortgage, utilities, food, and gas, while they are undergoing treatment. Fighters 4 Life makes a donation directly to the company where a bill is due. Gift cards will be used to pay for gas and food. To be eligible for the program, applicants must have financial need. Gift cards will also be given to those who are in active treatment.

The COC Dollars Allocated to Assist (DATA) Grant

Phone: (614) 516-0966

The Dollars Allotted to Assist Grant Program (DATA) accepts applications all year for financial assistance. It is open to any person in the USA who is currently undergoing active cancer treatment. To apply, click this link and head to the bottom of the page for the Dollars Allocated to Assist (DATA) application download: You can email completed applications to COC at the above email address.

Lazarex Cancer Foundation

Phone: (877) 866-9523
Contact: Get in Touch

Lazarex will match your needs to a national cancer clinical trials program. They also help with transportation costs (airfare gas, rental cars and taxi fare), lodging (short-term and long-term), and any medical expenses that are not covered by insurance. For immediate free assistance, visit or call toll free (877) 866-9523.

NetWish Free Government Grants For Cancer Patients

NetWish - Free Government Grants For Cancer Patients

Since 2002, Net Wish has provided assistance to individuals and families who need a small helping hand. All US citizens can apply for this program if they have unmet financial need. Prepaid credit cards are available as a form of grant.

The Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation


The Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation provides an essay award each year to survivors of catastrophic illnesses. This program provides financial assistance to single-parent families for urgent daily expenses, so the parent can be there during a catastrophic illness. The grant amounts are variable.

Cancer in the Family Relief Fund

Grants of $300 to $500 are available for children who participate in extracurricular activities while their parent is undergoing cancer treatment. The website states that “Whether a family is in financial distress due to a diagnosis or just needs some extra funds to luxuries, because every dollar goes to medication costs…we want to help.” We want to encourage and facilitate each child’s passion whether it be sports, music, art or any other activity.”

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