Scholarships For Women In General Science (Science Scholarships – Part 3)

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Throughout history, science is often considered a male-dominated field. However, more women have stepped into this area and proved that it’s not true. Yet, there were many women scientists made phenomenal discoveries and changed our perspectives of the world. But far too often, women were forced to stay in the shadows of history. Nowadays, everything has changed. There are still some problems women face due to being considered as minority students. Here are some scholarships for women in general science to support their research and academic journey.

Scholarships for General Science 

Many scholarships are only for a specific scientific field and/or open to all scientific fields. These scholarships are useful for many women who want to finance their science education. Although the grants and scholarships cover a wide range of sciences, there are some requirements.

On the other hand, here are other Scholarships for Women in Science:

The Jeannette Rankin Foundation Scholarships for General Science 

These scholarships are available to low-income women who study in vocational or technical fields. Students must be at least 35 and enrolled in their first bachelor’s or associate degree program to qualify. They also require you to be a U.S. citizen. Besides, the Jeannette Rankin Foundation Scholarships are open from November 1 to February 1.

Society of Women Engineers Scholarships for General Science 

Society of Women Engineers Scholarships for General Science 

Women studying engineering, computer science, or engineering technology can benefit from the SWE grant program. Women must have been admitted to ABET/CSAB-accredited undergraduate or graduate programs in order to be eligible.

The Ford Foundation’s Predoctoral Fellowship for Minorities

Any student studying engineering, math, or science can apply for a Ford Foundation scholarship. In short, women and minorities are the target people for the Ford Foundation scholarships. The fellowship provides a $20,000 annual stipend to the recipient.

Women in Engineering and Computer and Information Science

The National Science Foundation funds these programs. The programs in topic are only available to women in science, math, and engineering.

Sigma Delta Epsilon’s Graduate Women in Science

The Sigma Delta Epsilon grants are intended to promote the participation of women in science research in all areas of the natural sciences. They offer a range of fellowships that can reach $10,000 annually to help them achieve this goal. This fellowship is open to:

  • Although membership in Sigma Delta Epsilon does not have to be done, it is strongly encouraged.
  • Fellowships are for one year only and cannot be renewed.
  • Women who are eligible will have at least a bachelor’s level and should have a history of scientific research.
  • At the end of the fellowship, a progress report must be submitted.

Clare Boothe Luce Program Scholarships for General Science 

Students enrolled at Catholic colleges and universities are eligible for at least 50% of the annual scholarships. Clare Boothe Luce Program’s original purpose was to encourage women in science, math, and engineering to teach. The scholarship program provides money for the following recipients:

  • Women studying undergrad in engineering, science, and math fields.
  • Post-doctoral fellowships for women in graduate programs and for those who are looking.
  • Tenure-track professors in engineering, science and math fields.

The Association for Women in Science College Scholarship

This scholarship is available to freshmen females majoring in science each year.

Women’s Environmental Council And Their Scholarships for General Science 

The scholarship is intended to support women studying to prepare for careers in the environment. You can also choose to study biology, forestry or chemistry. Women who are interested in this program must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Besides, undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for scholarships.

The Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship

This scholarship is different from other scholarships in that the department must nominate the woman to receive the scholarship. The award covers $15,000 for academic studies and $2,000 for travel. These awards cannot be renewed and are awarded to women enrolled in graduate programs in computer science, electrical engineering, or mathematics.

Science, Mathematics And Research for Transformation Scholarships

Science, Mathematics And Research for Transformation Scholarships

These programs aren’t just for women. They are a great way to secure a full scholarship and to get post-graduate employment. These scholarships are available in a variety of sciences, including biology, chemistry, and behavior sciences. Both undergraduate and graduate students can apply for scholarships.

Center for Women & Information Technology Scholarship Program

The program is designed to assist women in funding their education. However, it also aims to go beyond many scholarships. This program also aims to address women’s roles in the information and computer fields. These scholarships are available to high school seniors planning to attend University of Maryland Baltimore County. These scholarships are full scholarships that cover all four years of undergraduate studies. Computer science, chemical engineering and biological engineering are all eligible fields.

AT&T Labs Fellowship Program

This fellowship provides funding for a senior undergraduate student or student in their first two year of undergraduate studies. This fellowship is available to both men and women who are pursuing a doctorate in computer, math, or engineering.

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