Granola mom: When it works and when it’s not?

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Crunchy mom was once used to refer to hippie-dippie moms who made their own (crunchy!) granola, breastfed for years, and did all other natural living things. Many people used to think that granola (crunchy) mom was the one who did everything parenting hard. They would work tirelessly on homemade remedies and refuse modern medicine, letting their children run wild and barefoot in the woods.

Granola mom
Granola? And A Granola mom?

In recent years, the crunchy mom movement has seen a rapid increase in popularity. It’s easy to feel guilty and judge moms for giving their children a natural experience. Many moms go to great lengths to make parenting easy for their children. Others believe that moms who do not follow their example are lacking the desire to provide the best possible experience for their children.

Some moms try to be too perfect while others make rash decisions and don’t have any data. To make informed decisions, moms must be open and honest about their goals.

So, How Do You Know Who is A Granola Mom?

Cure-All Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Cure-All
Coconut oil cures them all.

Coconut oil has been hailed as the miracle cure-all by moms all over, but its popularity far exceeds its capabilities. According to Today, it’s crucial that moms distinguish the true benefits from wishful thinking.

Coconut oil can smoothen frizzy hair and moisturize the skin. It also makes a great deo base. However, it shouldn’t be relied upon for sunscreen. Sadly, one product that will cure all ailments does not exist, despite the claims.

Only Raw Dairy

Pasteurization refers to cow milk that has been heated and cooled rapidly to kill bacteria. However, not all of it is done. Raw milk is favored by many moms who are staunch advocates for its nutritional benefits. It undergoes no pasteurization, has a higher butterfat and has a different taste than Real Milk.

Truth is, pasteurized or raw milk are not necessary for most people. Most adults have trouble digesting lactose found in milk. Only a few people are able to drink milk. This is a new genetic adaptation.

Vaccine Schedules

Many moms who are not experienced with vaccines feel that giving too many vaccines to their infant feels risky. Parents often worry about the immature blood-brain barrier (BBB), which infants have. Important to remember is that adjuvants used in the delivery of the vaccine do not pass quickly from the body. They accumulate over time, regardless of whether or not the delivery was delayed.

GMOs And Learning Labels

Moms worried that GMO foods will be dangerous for their children can refer to the research to find out more. These fears are not unfounded. Many GMO crops can be adapted to certain weed killers. Superweeds are a problem because the chemicals used to kill them have become more powerful and toxic. These chemicals can cause severe harm. Organic certified crops have not been treated with chemical pesticides, but can be conventional or GMO.


Homesteading for a granola mom

Many blogs will insist on the necessity for crunchy moms to homestead. This can be done in the city or in the countryside. The goal is to self-sustain the entire family. For some families, this lofty goal is impossible no matter how hard-headed a mom may be.

Families have different needs. They are all comfortable with different homesteading methods, such as small gardens or living off the grid with ducks. Many people have returned to homesteading after abandoning rigid rules. Therefore, judging someone on their level (or refusal) of homesteading is a waste of time.

Family Cloth Foibles

Granola mom often prefers to adopt a more zero-waste lifestyle and some have begun to use. Crunchy moms are more likely to live a zero-waste life. Some have started to use family cloth to replace toilet paper. Family cloth is made from rags, absorbent fabrics that often look like the toilet paper roll, but can also be just a stack of folded clothes.

Clothes must be kept clean after each use and then washed. The larger the family is, the poopy cloths there will be and the higher the risk of contamination. It is a steep learning curve. Those who don’t accept this approach to bum-care could be forgiven.

A Granola Mom has Zero-Waste Zen

Homesteading is not only a guru. However, it’s important for crunchy moms to reduce household waste. This could mean that they spend every day sorting trash. According to Going Zero Waste, a standard of all or nothing is a recipe that will lead to failure.

Sometimes, crunchy moms feel like they are losing their credibility when they empty the trash cans. However, there are simple ways to improve your mom cred without adding unnecessary stress. These quick tips have made it easy for moms to bring reusable bags and shop second-hand.

The Co-Sleep Continuum

The joke about the mom who is crunchy and the family bed is that the children will eventually learn to sleep independently on their own once they are ready, around college age. Moms are often reluctant to share their sleeping habits with their children out of fear of being judged. The decision to end co-sleeping can’t be made solely by the child. Parents may also be expecting a baby, or have experienced sleep changes that could affect co-sleeping.

Essential Oils For Everything

Thieves’ oil does not cure all ailments, contrary to what many moms believe. Some essential oils can be used to relieve anxiety and depression. However, some oils have antibacterial properties. Live Science says that more research and better quality control are needed.

Problem with conventional medicine’s ascendancy is that it dismisses all other routes to health. This limits the scope and quality of research that could reveal more about essential oils and their effectiveness. Manufacturers often don’t disclose details about the oil’s material.

A Granola Mom hasThe Plastics BanRule

While everyone can claim they want to eliminate plastics, very few people fully grasp the impact plastics have on our daily lives. It’s possible that crunchy moms who claim to have eliminated all plastics are superhuman.

There are simple habits and switches that can be made to reduce plastic dependence and the risk of toxic chemical absorption. Even a small amount of exposure to plastic chemicals can lead to serious health problems. Choose less packaging and cloth versions of vinyl or plastic products. Also, carry reusable cloth bags. 

Television are Bad According to A Granola Mom

Television has been a great tool for many generations. However, moms who are trying to cut the cord and make it a priority are finding it more difficult as the world becomes increasingly technologically connected.

Some moms have found a happy medium between technology and crunchiness by going low-media. While kids may have limited TV time and can do some online activities with tablets or laptops, they are often directed to other activities like group play or self-directed play. While we often feel the need for our children to play, they may be more able to benefit from their own leadership.


Many mothers worry that their child will be too rigid if they go to a traditional school. True crunchy moms are those who learn the Waldorf method, respect each child’s learning style and practice kindness.


Crunchy Moms recommends that parents base their educational decisions on what is best for their family. Parents who are not wealthy may send their children to public schools because of work schedules or other reasons. Parents may add to the learning experience by having additional experiences at home.

No Strollers for A Granola Mom

Babywearing is the best way to go. Strollers are not allowed. This is not the best way to go for all moms, even those who need them from time to time. 

Mothers with pre-existing knee or back conditions could have trouble wearing constant babywearing. It is beneficial to have your baby close, in many ways. However, it can cause permanent injuries that could affect your long-term quality.

If the baby holder doesn’t provide enough support or isn’t adjusted properly, it can put the baby at risk. It is important to get the baby safely around without causing injury.

Everything Homemade

It takes a lot of effort to make homemade baby food, toothpaste and deodorant. Some granola moms manage it all and make everything from scratch. However, it’s a struggle to keep up with the homemade or nothing mantra and end up feeling so guilty.

Instead of condemning the mom who makes everything from scratch, it may be better to create a list that lists what must be made at home and what can be bought in the store. This will help you find the compromise that doesn’t cause guilt but also helps to keep your conscience clear.

Amber All Over Is A “Go-to” for A Granola Mom

The Baltic amber necklace is a great way to identify a baby who isn’t quite as chubby as her. Baltic amber, which is usually sourced from the Baltic region of Europe, warms up when it comes in contact with skin. This causes succinic acid to be released, which is then absorbed by the baby and relieves their teething pain.

The issue is that there are currently no definitive studies to support this theory of pain relief. However, there have been cases where babies choked on necklaces and beads. Necklaces should be worn with care. Other teething methods may also help babies.

Cloth Diapers are The Choice of A Granola Mom

Cloth Diapers are The Choice of A Granola Mom

Cloth diapers are making a comeback and for the right reasons. Diaper styles and diaper covers have been improved to make this traditional method of diapering more convenient and hygienic. It is also better for the environment, produces less trash, and is cheaper, sometimes by thousands depending on which type of cloth diapering mom uses.

Celebrating Natural Birth

Planning a home birth or labor without pain medication should be done based on your personal circumstances and health. However, many mothers and babies find a more clinical and less medicated birth experience to be much more beneficial.

Women who choose natural childbirth are less likely to need interventions to accelerate labor or to make sure that labor progresses. Natural childbirth experiences are more natural for babies and they tend to be more responsive. Natural childbirth also allows the partner to participate in the process more easily, which can make it more enjoyable for them.

Breast Milk Is The Best Milk to A Granola Mom

Research shows that breast milk is superior to any other formula for feeding babies. Breastmilk Counts says that breast milk is better than any formula for baby’s nutrition. Breastfeeding babies has many benefits, including a higher IQ, fewer ear infections and a lower chance of developing childhood cancers. Babies can benefit from even a little breastfeeding. No formula can match the breast milk made by moms.

Skipping Out On Snipping

Baby boy circumcision can be avoided as he grows up and is not harmful to his health. Circumcision of baby boys soon after birth can cause serious injuries and even permanent damage to their health.

Some men may experience loss of sensitivity while others may experience severe scarring or painful sensitivity. Doctors recommend circumcision due to the higher risk of skin infections and urinary tract infections. However, other doctors advise that parents and children learn how to clean safely and effectively.

Knowledge Is Power

Crunchy moms perform at their best when empowered and sharing their knowledge with others. These mamas are eager to learn and seek to combine the latest data with tradition and that gut feeling that so many of you have.

Crunchy moms say they want to make informed decisions, not just trust what is told to them, but not blindly or blithely following their own path without regard for safety. They are open to learning from other mothers, realizing that there is a lot of good information out there that can be shared in order to have a better parenting experience.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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