$178B Grants for Healthcare Workers (or Front Line Workers)

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What are Grants for Healthcare Workers Available?

An ongoing Pandemic has ravaged the world, affecting every person’s life. Governments worldwide have created special grants and packages to help alleviate financial pressure on healthcare workers and hospitals.

As healthcare workers are selfless in their efforts to save lives, these grants are for healthcare workers or frontline workers in times of crisis.

About Grants for Healthcare Workers

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Healthcare workers are selfless in their efforts to save lives.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services renamed healthcare workers frontline warriors fighting against the worst pandemic.

The healthcare ministry announced special relief funds for these workers. So, frontline soldiers can use the funds for different purposes. The federal government created a unique funding package for healthcare workers and allocated $178 Billion. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Spent on Operation Warp Speed – $10.0
  • Rural Providers – $11.1
  • Safety Net Hospitals -$13.1
  • Reimbursement for uninsured COVID-19 patients – $2.9
  • High COVID-19 Hospitals – $20.8
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities – $10.0
  • General Grants to Providers based on 2% Revenue – $76.5
  • Other – $1.6
  • Unallocated -$32.1

These funds will be distributed to frontline soldiers across the country through online transfer to qualified healthcare providers.

Who can receive Provider Relief Fund?

All funds are available to healthcare providers, service providers, and others working in the same field and fighting the pandemic together. However, you can apply for financial aid if you are a frontline fighter and work in the healthcare sector during the pandemic.

Many healthcare professionals work 24/7 in hospitals, and most cannot visit their families. Hence, the government decided to support them financially to make them mentally stronger.

Healthcare workers who aren’t covered should also be eligible for the Uninsured program, which offers financial assistance to those without insurance.

This program supports healthcare providers and their families. These funds are also available to anyone with the right conditions. Of course, ealthcare workers don’t have to repay these funds. To receive financial assistance through this grant, healthcare providers must meet the ministry’s needs.

Grants for Healthcare Workers: How to Apply?

So, o be eligible for financial grants through the Federal Department, providers must meet specific criteria. Healthcare workers include doctors, nurses, dentists and Medicare part-providers. In short, they can apply for financial aid from the government by submitting a grant application.

Steps to Apply for the Grant for Healthcare Workers?

Step 1:

The government must approve the applicant. The applicant must be a healthcare provider.

Step 2:

Once the applicant has determined the criteria, he/she must register on the portal. Moreover, he provider must enter his TIN (or Tax ID Number) after registering. To prove that you are a legitimate taxpayer, the TIN must be valid.

Remember that it may take a few hours for the TIN Validation process to complete. Furthermore, ortal will not recognize your TIN and send your application to third parties to approve.

Step 3:

The applicant can then apply for the funds through the online form. Your application will be approved once the TIN Validation has been completed. The applicant must apply as soon as possible for the grant to be eligible for the funds.

Because many providers need the money, it is not enough. You must submit your application sooner if you fall under this category.

The official portal contains all the information you need to register for a new account and validate a TIN. You can also apply for the fund.

Step 4:

Once your application is approved you’ll get a notification. The notification will be through mail or phone. The money will be transferred to your bank account.

This is how you apply for grants if your category falls under healthcare workers or provider’s. Within 90 days, the recipients would be notified by mail whether their application was approved or rejected. One thing to remember is that the recipient must comply with the terms and conditions in order to receive payment through this grant.

You can find the Frequently Asked Question Page on the website. This FAQ page helps applicants understand the basic requirements for receiving a grant from the Federal Department.

Final Thoughts

The Federal Department’s Providers Relief Fund is an excellent gesture to support healthcare workers during the Pandemic Period. These grants are not only financial but also provide mental support for healthcare workers. Moreover, there are also education grants for frontline workers if you wanna explore more.

Hospitals and Healthcare units receive support through grants. This portal has a separate department for those who provide medical services and support the poor.

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