Government aid for single mothers in Atlanta

Grants for Single Mothers in Atlanta

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If you’re the head of a single-parent family and looking for government aid, your city of Atlanta can help.

Atlanta is Georgia’s most populated city. If you’re a single mother in Atlanta who can’t afford to pay your medical bills, rent, or utilities, we can help. You may participate in many programs to obtain assistance. However, if you’re looking for general personal grants for single mothers or single-parent assistance in Georgia, use the links provided.

Either one of these services is offered by private and charitable organizations. Residents can also get assistance from some government bodies in Atlanta.

Atlanta Single-parent Government Aid

Atlanta Emergency Aid Ministries

The Atlanta Emergency Aid Ministries are among the most well-known groups in Atlanta that support low-income families. Food, emergency rent, utility assistance, and a series of other types of assistance are available. They also offer work referrals, career counseling, groceries, and job training. Many other organizations partner with them to address the needs of the people, such as with:

  • Atlanta Urban Ministries

This non-profit organization offers various forms of assistance depending on the client’s condition. They’ve been able to help people escape homelessness by providing emergency rent and bills payment under their Direct Emergency Assistance Program. That’s not all; they also have a food pantry where they provide food and clothes to those who need them. You can reach the Atlanta Urban Ministries at (404) 881-6744.

As they are known, MAC is a ministry whose primary mission is to serve the poor in Atlanta. They support the vulnerable by offering them short-term financial assistance. Referrals to job openings and counseling are two other programs they may provide. Call 404-681-5777 or go to their website to get in touch with them.

This ministry, located at 2847 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305, USA, has only one goal: to give hope and financial security to Atlantans in need. Like many other organizations, they run many assistance services for the less fortunate. Visit their site to learn more about how you can get help. You may also reach them at (404) 239-0058).

Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority Resource Center

This facility in Atlanta offers several programs to low-income mothers. One of these services is the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which also provides financial assistance to those in urgent need. If assistance is not available at that time, they will refer you to other local nonprofit agencies for immediate assistance. The FACAA office in Atlanta is located at 341 Kelly St SE, Atlanta, GA 30312, and can be reached at (404) -525-0682.

Food Banks and Pantries

Several food banks and kitchens have been developed in different locations across Georgia to alleviate hunger in families and communities. This initiative would provide low-cost meals and supplies to the poor and disadvantaged. Low-income single mothers who are unable to purchase food could benefit. To locate food pantries near you, call the Georgia Food Bank Association at (404) -601-2462.

Atlanta Rental Assistance

Rent is another field where single mothers urgently need assistance. Various nonprofit organizations in Atlanta are working to alleviate this burden. Organization to organization, eligibility condition, and qualification specifics differ. Another problem that most organizations face is resources, as funding is not always readily accessible. Some fees, such as rent and utility bills, can be paid by charities such as the Salvation Army of Atlanta.

It’s worth mentioning that they provide some financial assistance, so make sure to ask. The Atlanta Salvation Army’s phone number is (404) 486-2710.

Low Cost or Free Health Care

There are a vast array of clinics and healthcare facilities that offer free or low-cost health care throughout Georgia. Low-wage earners and single mothers may qualify for health-care coverage. Like cleaning and preventive care, dental services are available at these health care facilities.

This service offers free medical services to uninsured single mothers. Prescription medications, x-rays, health care screenings, and a range of other services are available. Browse their site for a complete list of free clinics in Atlanta, GA.

Discount on Telephone Bills

If single mothers and low-income families learn what to do, they will get a discount on their monthly phone bills. Benefits are accessible to people with disabilities and the elderly.

Low-income people will get Lifeline and Linkup rebates. It assists in the reduction of monthly cellular and home phone bills.

Division of Family and Children Services Atlanta

The division of Family and Children Services in Atlanta, Georgia, delivers a range of services through the city’s numerous DFCS offices. SNAP (formerly food stamps), temporary cash assistance, Medicaid, and emergency food assistance are also available to low-income families.

This group also supports single mothers with childcare, which would be a great relief. In conclusion, their mission remains the same: to ensure that all children are raised in the best possible atmosphere and that all families are self-sufficient.

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