Grants for Single Mothers in Charlotte and Raleigh

Are you living in Charlotte or Raleigh, and is a single mom having trouble paying your bills? There are several organizations, institutions, firms, and churches available today willing to reach out to provide the necessary support.

We put together a list of active programs to simplify the hunt, which will help you to save a lot on your finances and enhances your family’s life quality. Might want to learn from any deal that suits your need.

Housing Assistance for Single Mothers in Charlotte

A housing scheme planned for homeless families is Charlotte Family Housing. To assist single mothers with children, the shelter-to-housing program is specifically initiated. They help these struggling homes build a path that leads to having and keeping their homes. See or dial 704.335.5488 for more details.

Family Promise of Wake County

When you’re a single mother grappling with your housing requirements in Raleigh, here’s a good opportunity. To battle against homelessness, Emmaus provides a temporary housing program. They furnish 12 housing units and provide families with temporary shelters for up to 2 months. They also offer access to life skills education, intensive case management, information and referral services, as well as staff facilitated support., in addition to accommodation. For more details, check their webpage at or dial their number at 919-832-6024.

ANSWER Scholarship Charlotte

This program aims to support burdened mothers to receive self-sufficient college degrees. ANSWER Scholarship provides scholarships, professional development, and mentoring for women aged 25 years and above who have school-age kids. To see if you, too, could benefit from this program, find out more at

Florence Crittenton Services. Inc.

This is a program whose objective is to provide vulnerable women and their children comprehensive educational and health supports. They operate a maternity program supporting single pregnant women with a variety of needs in Charlotte, from shelter to spiritual care. At, you will discover more about their programs.

Christian Life Home

To make sure mothers and babies get the necessary nutrition to stay healthy, Christian Life Home Raleigh promises pregnancy and nutritional support. They also provide both those parents and those wanting to adopt children with information and counseling. Phone (919) 510-5400 or check when you’re a single parent in Raleigh and feel the need to make maximum use of this resource.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

LIHEAP is a support program providing low-income individuals emergency funds for energy and service support. You’ve got help if you live in North Carolina and have trouble handling your service and energy bills. Dial 919-527-6309.

Homeless Resource Guide

This project includes a list of services where individuals can get financial assistance. For a number of reasons, these services and organizations may support single mothers in Raleigh and Charlotte with financial assistance. At find out a plan that suits your situation.

Jackson Park Ministries

Jackson Park Ministries (JPM) provides assistance to low-income, struggling families in Charlotte. Along with financial coaching and life skill training, the religious organization runs a low-rate housing project. They as well support a variety of services, and also food and clothing projects for young people and children. For more details about their programs, you may dial 704-392-4981 or visit

Good Fellows Club

This is a club providing financial assistance to single mothers and low-income households in need of immediate assistance from Charlotte. Walk-in applicants are not accepted. You must reserve an appointment by calling 704-333-5040 or by visiting their website at

Housing Assistance Directory for single mothers in Raleigh

The Raleigh area has a lengthy list of emergency shelters accessible for the homeless. Explore to see the services of the homeless guide. In addition, with a variety of resources, including home repair and renovation, foreclosure prevention, financial aid, and homeownership education, the guide also provides links to programs and organizations that facilitate struggling single mothers.

Salvation Army Assistance for Single Mothers

The Salvation Army is a non-profit group that manages a number of services to help with the mortgage, rental, utility bills, and medical prescription payments. For families and single moms in need, it also provides food and clothing. Eligibility criteria, though, include proof of social security number, valid identification card, and supporting materials confirming the need for emergency support. Know more by visiting their website at or you may call them at 704-714-4727.

Matthews HELP Center

Here’s another non-profit group that runs a role in financial help intended to support citizens with economic difficulties. They help with key necessities, such as rentals, utilities, and food. They run a Food Pantry that supplies a week’s stock of personal care needs and essentials to beneficiaries. Their thrift store provides people in need of slightly used household goods and garments, completely for free. Social Security Number Proof, valid photo ID, evidence of immediate need, rental agreement, and proof of income are the qualifying requirements. Check their website at or call 704-847-8383 to know more about their services.

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