Grants for Single Mothers in Columbus

Parenting is not an easy task – it’s even worse for single moms struggling with only a limited source of money. When you’re a single mother, we understand it can be horrific to find a way to keep strong in the sea of expenses. There are, though, several assistance services centered on Columbus, both state and private campaigns, set up to soften the impact of single parenting. These services offer necessary assistance for single mothers, from money and feeding aids to health and care for children benefits, as they try to manage in both jobs to provide for their children and themselves. Here are some of the projects offering financial support in Columbus for single parents.

Salvation Army, Central Ohio

For low-wage earners, the Salvation Army has a comprehensive list of services. The program provides clothing support yearly through its clothing coupons.

Are you close to run out of foodstuffs? There is a food pantry program that is operated by the Salvation Army. Dial 614-341-2282, and if you have not benefited from the assistance for at least 30 days, you could get grocery items.

The Salvation Army is working with Mid-Ohio Foodbank every summer to deliver fresh food products to recipients.

A rental assistance project is also run by them. Due to budget considerations, however, the rental aid scheme might not always be accessible. Nonetheless, it serves households that earn below $125.

Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority

The Housing Choice Voucher, which addresses the housing needs of the elderly, handicapped, low-income families, and single mothers, is managed by this government program. A subsidized housing system is provided, thus reducing the financial strain of these low-wage earners.

The housing scheme needs to pay directly to the landlord a portion of the rental, while the beneficiaries cover the rest.

You must complete an application form and submit it together with the required documents in order to qualify for this affordable housing scheme. For more data, check the official site of the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority,, or contact 614-421-6000.

Ohio Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

For low-wage earners that need help for the welfare of their children, CCAP is perhaps a government-financed subsidy program. The program gives qualifying parents financial help.

The state project will benefit children under the age of 13 with parents who are jobless or whose parents are listed under the program Ohio’s Work First. Besides that, children of handicapped parents may also be considered.

The program covers a proportion of the welfare costs of a child, while the parent needs to pay the other part. However, the subsidy is dependent on many factors, which include family size, wages, and the number of kids within the age range stated. To know more about this aid, please visit their website at

Broadstreet Presbyterian Church (BSPC)

BSPC manages a housing-subsidy program designed to assist residents of Columbus with eviction problems. The project will address the emergency housing needs of qualified applicants with partial rental and service payments.

Aspirants should have a service disconnection notice for qualification, and could not afford the re-connection cost. Applicants should, after all, have a regular means of funding too.

Applicants are also needed to provide proof of a social security number for all family members, proof of income, and photo ID. Check their site,, for further details, or dial 614-221-6552. For all single mothers in Columbus, this is an awesome platform.

Ohio Works First (OWF)

OWF is the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program’s financial section. Ohio Works First was established to provide financial assistance in Ohio to eligible families in need. The statewide program lasts for up to 3 years and is time-limited. You will be expected to undergo clear work time monthly after being enrolled in the program. Without any justifiable cause, failure to manage these activities will lead to the removal of benefits.

Ohio Work First is currently giving $483 to family-of-three members. They grant payouts through the Ohio PATHWAY Card or straight into the local bank account of the beneficiaries. On their official website,, you either register for OWF or fill in the JFS 7200 form and send it to the local agency.

Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services

Here’s another significant project in Columbus to support single mothers. For low-income families and individuals, they deliver medical services, housing assistance, and other basic needs. This program includes feeding aid either through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or through debit card transfer. It manages a Healthy Start Healthy family program focused on providing needed medical assistance to low-income families.  You may visit their webpage for more information:

St. Vincent de Paul

This is a non-profit program that provides a number of services intended to support people in distress. One of the projects, St. Lawrence, is organized to provide the needy with free lunch from Mondays to Fridays between 1 pm and 3 pm. They also run a food program on Saturday, handing out food supplies for three days to elderly, ill, handicapped, and low-income people.

In addition, they operate a clothing distribution service as well as a Funeral Fund scheme that donates money to those who can not afford the funeral expenses for their loved ones. Tour for further information, or contact 614-221-3554.

The Linking Employment, Abilities, and Potential (LEAP) Initiative

Teenage mothers are given financial assistance through this organization. The Prevention, Retention, and Continence aid with one-off cash assistance for emergency funding difficulties in homes with a pregnant woman or minor. In addition, applicants must not live above 165 % of the federal regulations on poverty. Visit or call 614-233-2000 to know more about this program.

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