North Carolina assistance for single parents

Grants for Single Mothers in Durham, Greensboro and Winston Salem

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The North Carolina cities of Durham, Greensboro, and Winston Salem give much single-parents assistance. This article discusses the services they provide to support single mothers and other low-income families. If you are looking for other North Carolina cities, such as Charlotte and Raleigh, visit the appropriate links.

These few charitable organizations and government offices dispense assistance with lodging, food, schooling, house rent, child care, and much more. Therefore, the services mentioned can be essential and will somehow relieve some burdens on your plate.

North Carolina Single-Parents Assistance Programs

Assistance For Single Mothers in Durham

A local county office named Child Care Services Durham firstly oversees cases with a funded child care program. Secondly, North Carolina’s Child Development Division supply sponsored child care programs. Lastly, they also qualify families using the state and federal budget through a locally operated state-supervised voucher scheme. 

Help Paying Rent in Durham

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh 

Durham County has Catholic Charities, where single mothers could get food, clothing, baby items, or financial help. Small children’s clothing and baby items, like formula, milk and diapers, and other relief goods, are served occasionally. However, only when feasible at their place. You may give them a ring at (919)-286-1964, or visit their website.

Urban Ministries of Durham

The Urban Ministries of Durham support more than six thousand Durham locals annually. The public runs the homelessness reduction initiative. There is also food and clothing assistance available here; you can initially call this number (919)-220-8757 for more information. Additionally, you can visit their website.

Durham County Salvation Army

The Salvation Army of North Carolina oversees disaster services and case management programs in Durham. Cash grants, holiday assistance, furniture and clothes, and job skills may be obtained here by eligible single mothers. 

Durham North Carolina Food Pantries

In Durham, food banks are also available to cope with your dietary needs.

End Hunger Durham 

If you want to get some food assistance, please check on this website where food banks in the area are all listed.

Durham Free Clinics

Their free clinics are willing to offer all-inclusive health services at reduced rates. They can give medicines, checkups, and therapy services at these centers at no cost. 

Financial Assistance for Single-Parents in Greensboro

Greensboro Urban Ministry (336-271-5959)

The Greensboro Urban Ministry is one of the nonprofit organizations based in Greensboro. Some of the services they provide are food banks, shelter and housing assistance, and emergency backup. The Emergency Assistance Program serves food, financial aid, and clothing to those in need (EAP).

However, there will be a few prerequisites for EAP eligibility, and they will interview those aiming for financial aids. For further details, please call their number at (336-271-5959), or visit their website.

St. Vincent de Paul Society Greensboro

Another charitable group, the St Vincent De Paul Society in Greensboro, can also offer emergency cash assistance. They might not give away too much, but negating some responsibilities and settling some liabilities can be a huge help. You may reach them by calling at (336)-272-0336 or visiting their office, located at S109 W Smith St, Greensboro, NC 27401.

High Point Salvation Army

A community service institution whose goal is to give locals a fighting chance is the Highpoint Salvation Army. They can grant cash assistance for paying rent, utility bills, household goods, and groceries when resources are at hand. Transitional Housing is also given here for those households facing expulsion. You may call them at (336) 881-5400 or go to their official website.

Greensboro Housing Authority

Providing locals with economical houses is the Housing Authority of Greensboro. To give secure and quality housing to Greensboro people is their primary objective. A waitlist exists for those who petition due to insufficient funds and slots. You can find out more when you call their office at (336)-274-3236), or visit their website.

Welfare Reform Liaison Project

Welfare Reform Liaison office will be advantageous for those residents looking for work because it will make their job hunting a lot easier. Moreover, locals can learn new skills since this charitable institution gives employment training. Therefore, the course’s goal is to equip students with the requisite skills to succeed in the competitive job market. 

Community clinics in Greensboro

Healthcare workers can serve the medical care assistance of the locals of Greensboro at the different community clinics in the place. You can find the full list of free clinics in Greensboro at the link above.

Food Banks in Greensboro

Crucial for the growth and function of every individual is good food. To make sure that everyone, regardless of class or social position, gets a nutritious meal is the food banks’ ultimate goal. All food pantries in the Greensboro area are listed in the link above.

Single-Parents Assistance in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Winston-Salem Urban League

The Urban League of Winston Salem is offering career education and work referrals. One of their targets is also to assist in finding a job. 

Free Health Clinics in Winston Salem

A huge thank you to the health care staff at the Community Care Center who provide medical services free of charge.

Free Legal Assistance and Advice

They are a legal office with firms over the entire state of North Carolina, the Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC)Because their mission is to ensure that each local will receive justice and fair representation, they provide cost-free legal aid. You may visit their website for inquiries and more information.

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