Government welfare in Washoe County

Grants for Single Mothers in Henderson, Reno, and North Las Vegas

If you’re a single mother residing in Washoe County, Nevada, or any of the abovementioned cities, read more to receive the best monetary welfare and assistance that fits your needs.

Single moms are often looked down upon, as many believe they are a financial liability. Luckily not everyone thinks that way, so regardless of what others may say or think, help certainly is a phone call or a click away.

Welfare and Assistance in Washoe County

Are you looking for Las Vegas? Follow this link for single mothers’ grants in Las Vegas. If you reside in Reno, Henderson, or North Las Vegas, please check your area in the section below.

Financial Assistance For Single Moms in Henderson

Free Food and Clothing Assistance

  • Highland Hills Baptist Church

Every Thursday of the week, the Highland Hills Baptist Church has an open pantry that only serves food products and supplies to needy citizens of Henderson and Boulder City. Their address is at 615 College Road, Henderson, NV 89002. Visit the food pantry now. To see more information, go to their website.

  • Hendersonville Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Hendersonville Seventh-day Adventist Church provides free shopping bags, cold wear, small presents, and much more to unprivileged people with a food pantry and clothing closet readily accessible on-site. To know more about their services, please call their number at 828-697-4288. You may also check their webpage at

Rent and Utility Assistance

  • Hope Link of Southern Nevada

The organization supports funding for low-income earners and families to help pay rent and other energy bills. Contact (702) 566-0576 or check for more information.

  • HELP of Southern Nevada

Built to support Henderson (Southern Nevada), homeless people, and families, the initiative helps provide permanent accommodation for the numerous Southern Nevada communities without refuge. They also provide families with low to medium housing assistance to manage independently. You may call their number at 702-369-4357 for further details, or visit their website at

Medical Assistance

  • Southeast Primary Care Clinic – VA

The SPC provides programs to people and families who do not have medical care or are low-wage earners. Their services include Counseling, Primary Health, and Health Education. The facility also offers financial support to people, regardless of their earnings, to pay for healthcare. You can visit their clinic Mondays – Fridays for more information at 1020 S Boulder Henderson, NV 31642. You may also contact them at (702) 791-9030.

  • Henderson Public Health Center

Even though their fees are not 100 percent free, people and families who do not have healthcare are assisted. They will receive affordable Immunizations, Pregnancy Care, and Primary Care. Their charges differ according to the person’s or family’s earnings. To ask for more details, please call their number at 702-759-1040. You may also check the services they provide on their webpage

Welfare Assistance in Reno, Washoe County

Free Food Assistance

  • Gate of Life Christian Center

Gate of Life Christian Center helps provide single mothers who can not buy them with available food products and meals. They also have free food during holiday celebrations like Christmas and Easter in their pantry. Ask them for more information at (775) 674-3777.

  • Saints Vincent Food Pantry

Food products and supplies are provided to low-income families and people living in Reno, like canned fruits, infant formulas, and bread. For assistance, you may contact them at 775-786-5266 or go to their place at 500 E Fourth Street Reno, NV 89512

Rent and Utility Assistance

  • Restart

The organization provides a service that gives people free temporary tenancy or energy assistance until they can adequately manage their household. Although you can’t get cash for rentals, you would receive support for case administration. For more inquiries, you may ring their number at 775-324-2622. You may also want to check their website at

  • Community Resources Division

Qualified Nevadans residing in Reno receive assistance from the Community Resources Division’s program for their home expenses, including electricity. While qualifying families and individuals obtain an income paid once annually. Their phone number is 775-657-4675. Call them for assistance. A website is also available if you want to check their services:

Assistance For Single Moms in North Las Vegas

Free Food Assistance

  • James Seastrand Helping Hands of North Las Vegas

They support disabled people in North Las Vegas who are over 60 and low-wage earners with free meals and financial assistance. For more information, call their number at 702-649-7837 or visit their webpage at

  • Helping Hands of Vegas Valley

The HHOVV runs a free food bank that provides qualified families and poor and disadvantaged individuals with non-perishable products. Food products may be sent or picked up at one of their food pantries. For more information, dial their number at 702-633-7264 to get food products sent to you. Also, you may check their site at

Employment Assistance

  • Las Vegas Nevada Employment Resource Center

The facility offers job-seeking people free coaching and seminars to find career opportunities. It can also act as a venue where participants could meet for a chat. The facility is open to the public. Call them at (702) 649-1012 for more information, or check the services on their webpage at

Medical Assistance

  • Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada Free Clinic

Health volunteers unite to provide low-income people and households without health insurance with free medical care. However, you must be without medical insurance, earn low wages, and live in Southern Nevada to receive care. For more questions, you may call them at 702-967-0530 or visit their website at

  • Hope Medical and Dental Clinic

The Hope Clinic, accessible every week, gives low-income people and families medical and dental care services at no charge. Meanwhile, the clinic’s dental division is only accessible to the homeless. Call them at 702-952-9564, or check their webpage at

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