Grants for Single Moms in Honolulu

Grants for Single Mothers in Honolulu

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Honolulu gives assistance to its single moms and low-income families in many ways. Therefore, we look at credit counseling, food pantries, financial help programs, and affordable healthcare.

It’s also Hawaii’s capital and is the state’s largest city. Via several aid projects supported by both government and private agencies, single mothers in Honolulu can get help. Moreover, by giving resources for them to afford their bills, these programs help struggling residents.

However, if you want to find grants for single moms or grants for moms in Hawaii, follow the appropriate links.

Assistance for Single Moms in Honolulu

Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS) of Hawaii

The CCCS program supports families and people who are in financial need. They help restore control of their financial lives through therapy sessions. This service gives education about the healthy use of credit cards for community members.

Anyone whose debts are more than their earnings can get professional help in this scheme. In Honolulu, single mothers with debt crises and challenges with income management could register for this scheme. Browse their website to learn more.

Honolulu Food Pantries and Distribution centers

Throughout the state of Hawaii, single mothers in need could get grocery items, canned food from food banks, and food pantries dispersed at many places. Food banks strive to eradicate hunger in the area. In Honolulu, single mothers who cannot get nutritious meals could search any of the food banks around them to receive one.

The city of Honolulu has so many food banks; see them below:

  • Peter and Paul Catholic Church (808) 941-0675
  • New Life United Pentecostal Church (808)-623-4300
  • Aiea Seventh-day Adventist Church (808) 488-9855

Visit their site to see the entire list of food distribution hubs in the city of Honolulu.

Financial Assistance Programs For Single Moms in Honolulu

A few agencies in Honolulu offer cash for necessities, including rent, housing, and food. The eligibility status for these programs varies as their evaluating beneficiaries would be available to different organizations. Employment opportunities, recommendations, coaching, job preparedness, and other support services could be assistance.

The Catholic Charities of Honolulu

These charities provide hot meals via their numerous food pantries. Also, in the event of expulsion or foreclosure, this social service organization can support it. Throughout the city of Honolulu, single mothers on the brink of homelessness or living in miserable circumstances could step into any of their facilities. Get more information about the Catholic Charities of Hawaii on their website. You may also call them at (808) 521-4357 for any queries.

Honolulu’s Salvation Army

They have several financial aid services that single mothers in the city can benefit from if eligible. Essential needs can be received, as with food, clothes, and refuge. Single mothers facing some crisis in Honolulu will be helped in their period of need. This church organization will provide these other essentials, including holiday support, presents during the holidays, and rental assistance. Visit their webpage to find the hub closest to you, or go to one of their offices today to get help.

Honolulu Community Action Program

HCAP is a charity that provides Honolulu’s low-income citizens with much-needed community assistance. Single mothers can receive assistance in childcare, career opportunities and referrals, job training, and even schooling. By seeking ways of subsidizing and reducing energy costs in households, they could also help out with energy bills. For further information, refer to their webpage.

Free Health and Dental Centers

Several hospitals work together to ensure that everyone has entry to reliable and quality healthcare in Honolulu. Eligible individuals, single moms, and families via these clinics may get health care benefits and assistance for dental and medical services.

Because of the high costs involved, many uninsured residents of the city find it difficult to pay for necessary medical care. Based on the patient’s income level, healthcare facilities could offer medical treatment free of charge or a sliding fee. It is feasible to provide services for free, as with primary healthcare, counseling, and physical examinations. Dental treatment is also carried out, like mouth washing and tooth extraction. There are several free clinics specified below:

There are three hubs of this clinic throughout the city of Honolulu. On a sliding fee basis, they can make payments. Medical counseling, health education, and several others are among the packages provided. They also have a dental department and a pharmacy. They care for more than 20,000 patients annually. On their website, you can locate the nearest center and the hours they operate.

KKV clinic is a non-profit organization specializing in medical treatment, dental care, and behavioral care. In this facility, single mothers can obtain childcare services. You can access the Kokua Kahili Comprehensive Family Service website for more information.

For over ten years, this community center has been supporting the residents of Hawaii with health care services. This organization’s mission is to enhance people’s lives and wellbeing through doctor visits, screening, and health education. Care is given here for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Get in touch with this clinic today; check their site.

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