Grants for Single Moms in Hudson County

Grants for Single Mothers in Jersey City

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Jersey City, located in Hudson County, offers an array of government welfare assistance to low-income families. This is because single moms often have a great deal of work on their shoulders since they carry the responsibility of raising a child alone.

However, the great thing remains that there are many services throughout the region that can help alleviate the burden and achieve self-sufficiency.

Make sure to read until the end since this document provides a comprehensive range of services that single mothers could use.

Welfare Assistance for Single Moms in Hudson County

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The Salvation Army Jersey City

Jersey City’s Salvation Army is a charitable organization that gives multiple support services to low-income households. Individuals and families can access cash grants, shelter, clothes, food, and financial aid. It will then be possible to use this assistance to recoup expenses such as heating, energy bills, and rental payments.

They offer referrals, guidance, and even counseling as a community service provider. They distribute holiday presents at their numerous distribution centers throughout the festive season. You may check their webpage for queries.

The North Hudson Community Action Corporation

The vast range of services that this community center can provide is open to people in Hudson County, specifically the Jersey City area. Founded in 1965, this organization has worked a long way to enhance the quality of life of citizens of the area. This group, which supports health and social services, supervises numerous assistance.

The organization’s core function is to resolve homelessness. This ministry could grant one-time rent to individuals or families to ensure that the percentage of families without homes is minimal. Those already thrown out of their homes could also provide temporary accommodation. If you think you need their assistance, you may visit their website.

The Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)

There’s a free health care clinic with a facility situated in Jersey City for individuals looking for medical care.

The Metropolitan Family Health Network 

This is a health facility that offers full primary care to adults in Jersey City. In preventing or addressing chronic diseases early, comprehensive primary care could be essential. Doctors will help you to understand the background and vulnerability of your family, do physical tests and evaluations, provide proper education about the value of exercise, nutrition, and healthy living.

If necessary, you may also get medications and perhaps even examinations and surgery. Physical tests, laboratory testing, immunization, nutritional counseling, social services, and case management are a few of the facility’s services.

Assistance for those who would like to register in Medicaid could also be supported. You can find them on their website.

Hudson County Housing Resource Center

A non-profit group, the Hudson HRC, was established in 1990 to prevent homelessness. One service they offer is the availability of information and counseling on citizens’ rental rights. They do this to increase the competitiveness of other housing developments.

In Hudson County, this organization governs tenant-based rental and welfare assistance to low-income and moderate families. It provides rental support to families in privately owned homes that. This housing assistance project has stood to benefit countless families.

Consult their webpage for more information on the Hudson County Housing Resource Center.

Jersey City Housing Authority

The Jersey City Housing Authority offers the cheapest and proper housing for low-income families. The dwelling unit of this firm presently facilitates Jersey City’s more than 18,000 people. They as well run services that seek to help achieve financial stability for all members of the community. You may check their website for further details.

Catholic Charities Jersey City

There is a large variety of support services from this charity. One of which is the federal government-funded Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing (HPRP). This progress implies that resources are readily accessible to support those facing homelessness or being evicted from their homes. You may visit the Jersey City Catholic Charities center at 249 Virginia Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07304.

Debt Repayment and Counseling

If in any debt, single mothers can get financial advice from non-profit credit agencies to minimize liabilities. It was possible to make this consultation either in person or over the phone.

Services vary by location, budgeting, debt reduction, prevention of eviction, as well as money management could be offered. Browse their website to begin your debt-free journey today.

Food Banks in Jersey City

Food may be considered a privilege instead of a right for low-income citizens of Jersey City, which they should have each day. Several sites in the city hand out free meals, clothing suitable for the weather, as well as giveaways for children. Households with low earnings and homeless people can walk into any food pantry and meals will be provided free of charge cost. Below are some food banks with their contact details.

You may call them to know which hub is nearest you and to know their operating hours.

  • The Sharing Place Food Pantry – (201) 963-5518
  • John’s Lutheran Church Food Pantry – (201)- 589-1781
  • The Beacon at Bethany Lutheran Church – (201) 432-8773
  • Let’s Share A Mea – (201)-432-1122
  • Cause Center – (201)-432-2824
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